The Golden Rule of Saving

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The problem of people today is…

We tend to overspend despite the fact that our income isn’t big enough to compensate for our personal wants.

We feel as if, once we did not buy that thing…somebody will!

To tell you honestly, despite the fact that I used to save a lot of money, sometimes I became so aggressive in buying things that I really don’t need.

There are days that we feel like we are absolutely rich, to the point of buying everything that captures our eye. (Oppss! Guilty here! 🙈) We buy here and there, not realizing that our saving account is already crying.

And after sinking in what has already happened, we somehow wish to be engulfed by soil because of stupidity.

Well guess what, nobody in this world didn’t overspend.

At some point in our lives, we did it without realizing it.

The only simple rule to save more money is…to not spend beyond our means.

That’s the only golden rule for it.

Spend only what’s necessary.

Though it is such a pain in the ass, do it or else your savings account will suffer the most. And by the time it exceeded its limit, the bank might charge you with a fee or worst, the bank will close your account and you didn’t want to happen that, right?

So while it is never too late, only spend on something necessary like medicines, vitamins, and the like.

By the end of this post, I want to share something.

Roughly 10 years ago, I watched this film “Confessions of a Shopaholic“. And what she went through was no joke. She of course held responsible for what she had done to the credit company line.

So please be mindful in handling money and know where to really use it.

Credit cards are usually meant for business owners and if you are just an ordinary employee, might as well use your cash on hand rather than being in debt for the rest of your life.

How about you? Are you willing to risk all your savings for the sake of material possessions?

Comment below!

All contents are mine except for the provided photos, videos, and the like. If ever there is something I did violate in any way, whether it is a minor or major violation, please let me know. Thank you in advance! ❤

Author: Zandra L.

A writer and a manager by accident.

2 thoughts on “The Golden Rule of Saving”

    1. No! That’s fine.There’s nothing wrong with that. Promise! ☺ Maybe you just need to lessen the act of buying expensive stuff. You know, it isn’t bad to buy the things that will bring us happiness. Just make sure that it will benefit you in the long run. ☝ By the way, feeding is not also a material possession, okay? That’s basic needs. Maybe just try to be mindful when you buy something more than what’s necessary. I guess, that’s the least thing I could do to help you. 😉


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