How Unethical

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Just recently, I ecountered such policy wherein you need to ask a letter of request from the Admin every time the laundry will be delivered to your condominium.

You know how completely unethical to ask the unit owner from a very high building to go down just to get laundry.

And at that time, I was really busy and cannot ask anyone to get my laundry from the ground floor.

In my whole life, I never encountered such worst policy as this.

It isn’t about boasting our wealth, it is just letting them know that the sole reason why we have chosen to be unit owners is simply because we are expecting to have a good quality of service.

Let’s admit it! We bought and owned something expensive for the expectations that we will be fully satisfied by it.

And you know what? They are giving me a problem that they are exactly the one who recommended the laundry.

If that laundry company didn’t undergo through such strict assesstment by the company itself…

Then, they should not have recommend it in the first place.

My God!

Common sense is really hard to find in times of like this.

How completely unethical that the management itself is at fault, but they never admitted it.

That’s a sad reality that some management only wants to make money by not practicing any good relationship with their clients.

I am so sorry for the angry post, I only want to tell you that no matter how much you worked hard just to get the things you’ve wanted, things don’t go as how we expected it to be.

If you are in my situation, would you strongly practice your right as a citizen or would you just do nothing for the abrupt change of the rules from the company?

Mind you, they didn’t even give us any heads-up that there’s now a change in the policy.

It has been more than a year that the laundry service is giving permission to send the laundry to the unit owner from door to door.

How totally disapponting knowing the fact that each time they make some changes, they just implement it without the prior notice of their clients. #managementsucks #letthekarmadoitsjob

All contents are mine except for the provided photos, videos, and the like. If ever there is something I did violate in any way, whether it is a minor or major violation, please let me know. Thank you in advance! ❤

Author: Zandra L.

A writer and a manager by accident.

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