Hunger Strike

Featured Image: Tenor

For me, this mostly happens when you’re so focused to what you are doing.

Most especially, when you’re studying or even writing without a pause.

I honestly always feel hungry whenever I write promptly.

I guess, I have consumed all the energy from what I’ve eaten few hours ago.

I felt like I already did some body workout that easily made me so hungry.

Well, the buttom line of this blog post is that…

When you are at the height of writing, you somehow refuse to eat in fear that you might lost not just the idea, but also the enthusiasm to write.

So, you write down everything without you even realizing that…

You’ve been writing nonstop for an hour or two.

You deprived yourself from eating in exhange of mental diarrhea.

So, let’s go hungry first before we reward ourselves with foods. Lol!

Image: Giphy

After all, not everyday we are able write for straight hours, so it isn’t a bad decision to choose writing over eating. 😂

How about you?

How do you make yourself hungry?

Is it by being productive or by just procrastinating?

Comment below!

All contents are mine except for the provided photos, videos, and the like. If ever there is something I did violate in any way, whether it is a minor or major violation, please let me know. Thank you in advance! ❤

Author: Zandra L.

A writer and a manager by accident.

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