Don’t Be Disheartened


Whenever I feel bad about it, I try to console myself by saying…

There are plenty of people who can blog, too.

And not everyone is getting a lot of traffic like yours.

But, where are they now?

Well, whether you believe me or not…

They are still here on the field you are working at.

I know,

They spent hours and hours of blogging…

Only to get no views, likes or even comments.

But they are positive about life.

You see, you won’t appreciate life that much if there was no challenge at all.

Life is actually boring if that “thing” is not present in our lives.

Without it, most probably we will be complacent about life.

We won’t even force ourselves to study and work hard.

For we strongly believe that, we can get whatever we want in life.

But that’s a lie!

Author: Zandra L.

A writer and a manager by accident.

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