How Often Do You Pray?

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Oftentimes, we have forgotten about praying, most especially at night when we are about to sleep.

And I am in no exemption on that matter as well.

Whether you believe me or not,

I am God-fearing.

I am a Christian.

To be exact,

I am a Roman Catholic.

Author: Zandra L.

A writer and a manager by accident.

8 thoughts on “How Often Do You Pray?”

    1. I couldn’t agree more! πŸ˜‰ Well, congrats for reaching 61 years of existence. πŸ‘ May you get to have more wonderful years! πŸ™ God bless and thank you for commenting, Sir. ☺


          1. You haven’t a fended me by any means Zandra at all i have my funny ways.. i like to be called pop not grandad that makes me feel old lol.. do not like Pauly mmm hahaha and i haven’t a problem with ..buddy, mate, thats the Aussie way hahaha i do appreciate the respect you showed me and thank you for that
            have a good day Zandra

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