Hello, Fellas! Why Don’t You Groom & Groove?

Featured Image: Pexels

Let’s break some serious discussions here on my blog and make it more enjoyable.

Groom is a term I use for pampering yourself.

I don’t care if it is about getting yourself a haircut,

Getting your nails done.


Even changing the way you dress.

We all need that.

It’s not about being high maintenance.

But, it is also important that we take care of ourselves.

‘Cause if we cannot do it…


How can we expect others to love and have some respect to us?

The next one is,

Get yourself into the groove.

I don’t care if it is about modern or traditional dance.

Keep your body movin’!

I just want you to groove.

You can dance or swing yourself into the air.

You can jump, run and listen to your fave song playlist.

I just want you to know that maybe you are becoming hard on yourself.

Loosen up a bit and you’ll feel lighter and happier.

Here’s the funny truth!

When I was in college,

I badly want to try pole workout with a little bit of dancing, ’cause I am not really a good dancer.

I just want to try some new stuff.

I also want to change the mindset of people that pole workout or pole dancing isn’t meant for prostitution or sexual pleasure alone.

But it can strengthen your core as well!

As you climb as high as you can,

You’ll feel a sense of…


That you don’t need any validation from others.

You can always choose to be happy and let the world know that you can be anything.

And as long as you have a complete respect to yourself and to others…

There is no reason for you to stop and get the kind of happiness you truly deserve.

Am I correct?

Please comment below and share it with us,

What are the things you usually do to pamper yourself?


What makes your body get into the groove?

It could simply be…

You won an award.

You want to destress.


You just badly want to kill time.

Whatever that is,

Sharing is such a nice thing.

So, don’t be shy! ☺

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Author: Zandra L.

A writer and a manager by accident.

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