Blogging Schedule

A few background about myself and my blog since I published this on a Monday.

When I started a blog last year, I have no idea about blogging. All I know is the fact that I have so much to share in this world.

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Thus, last year had been a long and rough road for me since it is all about experimenting and getting to know what I want on my blog and how will I be able to reach out to people who’s needing some assistance if I myself were also a newbie at that time.

Fast forward, it took me more than a year to finally have a fix schedule as what most bloggers do.

But before I share my blogging schedule, I want you to know that this is still a trial and error. Meaning to say, it can still be changed and I know, we as bloggers need to be flexible every step of the way.

I already mentioned on my blog that I have a full-time job and this one is more like an extra job to get me cover from my other expenses.

But I promise that I will work hard on every topic that I’ve selected and here are the following:

Tell me about Yourself

⁃ Every Monday

This topic will be about me and my readers. I will share a piece of information of myself and after that, the spot will be given to my readers. I’ve included this topic so I can create a connection with my readers by simply knowing a piece of information about themselves as well.

Experiences as a Blogger

Every Tuesday

This topic is for all of us, bloggers. Let’s share whatever we have learned so far.

Motivational Quotes

⁃ Every Wednesday

This is a must have in order to encourage people to continue whatever path we’ve chosen. By simply receiving some words of wisdom, it will give us some kind of comfort, strength and confidence to hold on tight and persist whatever we have started.

Current Events

⁃ Every Thursday

This is to keep people updated on the current issues we are experiencing such as battling with covid-19, getting up after the super typhoon and so on and so forth.

How To’s

⁃ Every Friday

This post will be about giving tips, advices or some few reminders on whatever topic that I will discuss on.

To my RT supporters, this post will be done on a weekly basis. I won’t be posting daily for I will be running out of ideas.

Posting once a week at a given topic would be enough. Let’s start to be more organized for the upcoming 2021.

There will be some delays, but the given topic will never change on its day.

Saturday & Sunday will be a bonus topic.

Thank you!

After going through all my blogging schedules, today is about “Tell me about Yourself”.

I want to know how did you start your own blog.

Was it really your idea to start a blog or someone had told you to do so.

Feel free to share whatever you are comfortable to say. You can add what were you before you started a blog.

Thank you and I really hope that you are as excited as I am in becoming more organize on my blog.

Again, thank you so much for being a part in my journey.

Thank you for accepting my flaws, for reacting on my blog and for giving me some tips and advices as well.

My next topic will be published on its given day of the week and that will be a surprise. God bless!

Author: Zandra L.

A writer and a manager by accident.

2 thoughts on “Blogging Schedule”

  1. Hi Zandra, It’s really nice to meet you. I started a blog to tell my story. I have always wanted to start one just never knew what to write about. I’ve always kept a journal and since I ran out of pages in my most recent one I decided to start a public journal. I wish you well on the journey of blogging.

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    1. First of all, thank you so much for taking the time to make a comment on my blog. Second, don’t worry ’cause you are never alone on that phase. Actually, it was never my plan to become a blogger. It just happened out of curiosity and how I badly needed to earn some extra cash. It’s really been a tough and long road for me, but if it is God’s will, then so be it. After all, there is no harm in trying. 😉 I will also pray for you to have some clarity on what topic to post.Just don’t be in a hurry and you are free to take a break once everything is becoming so overwhelming. Whenever I ran out of ideas, I started to be in hiatus. Forcing yourself to work all for the sake of posting something isn’t a good idea. The only thing that I could suggest is to write everything you feel. There’s plenty of journals on my draft and I just kept it there. Though, I am not posting it, one day I’ll be needing it. What I am saying is that, one day you will be able to connect the dot and who knows, you will be able to create a masterpiece by just simply going through all your old journals in your draft. Actually there is so much to say, but for now, I bet this is what you need to hear the most. By the way, congrats on deciding to make it public. Thank you again 💓 for dropping by and Good luck on your blog. 🙏

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