Below The Belt Criticism of Protesters

Finally, it’s Thursday! Time for current events to discuss. Today, we’re going to talk about the behavior of protesters.

How it affects us and what is their purpose in calling for an attention. Since this event continue to happen worldwide, I think we need to be well informed of the difference of constructive criticism from bashing.

Featured Image: GMA News

I already mentioned it on my previous post that bashing is simply subjective for it usually based on personal feelings. Whereas, constructive criticism is objective for there has been a basis for it.

And since this is going to be a long discussion, I want you to relax and find a quite place to read.

Now, without further ado, here’s the issue.

Last December 10, 2020 while I was scanning for news on Facebook, I saw one article from GMA News about the effigy of President Rodrigo Duterte which will be used in Manila for rally to mark it’s International Human Rights Day.

We all know that becoming a President is the most challenging one, for you are given the highest position to lead for your countrymen. It is both a great honor and a blessing to have it. Unfortunately, whoever gets that position will also receive a lot of hatred from people.

In the website of GMA News the President was accused of committing human rights violations, specifically on the violent war on drugs which have killed thousand of lives.

The moment I’ve read the news, it got me to think of why of all those things they’ve given more attention on the killing of people who used to be a drug addict and got involved in the operation of producing and selling of illegal drugs?

I am not saying that, we should not care about the lost lives of people, most especially the innocent ones. What I am really pointing out is the drug lords and drug users who need to be arrested and be killed. Otherwise, millions of people will be the one to suffer.

If there has been some lapses on the part of anti-drug operations, I’m sure there might be some valid reasons behind it. You see, some suspects do not want to get arrested so they try hard to escape. In most common scenario, suspects often bring a sharp object for self-defense and as a general rule of policemen, when suspects tried to escape and kill other people, they have no other choice but to shoot them especially if there has already been a hard evidence.

As a citizen, I know most people would think that they do not need to punish criminals just for them to repent and pay for all the crimes they’ve made. But I believe that anyone who may be in that position of policemen have no other choice, but to act fast.

We may also be thinking that, policemen can choose to only shoot the suspects’ feet or legs to stop them from running away. But it would also be a challenge if suspects are already far from them.

If ever there has been a foul play in the incident, punishment must be made with no exemptions.

Again, I do not get why they give more importance on war on drugs since there are a lot more issues here in the Philippines that need to get an immediate action in order to find justice.

The following are just some of the things that violate Human Rights:

The shutdown and non-renewal of ABS-CBN franchise despite no violations.

Justice for Maria Ressa and Leila De Lima.

The absolute pardon of Pemberton who found guilty of killing a Filipino transgender.

Not bringing of officials to prison for their violations on heath protocols.

Only the ordinary and powerless people are being punished. Whereas, those who have a connection from the government are being freed and not being penalized for their wrong actions.

I am not saying all of them, but in most cases this happen all the time.

He are just a few cases that put justice into question.

Anyway, I honestly salute all protesters for standing up for their rights and making some noise to spread awareness. But let us all remember that not all protesters are of the same kind.

Some of them are consistent in raising an awareness for a good cause. Unfortunately, other protesters were only used to spreading hate to whoever got the position for presidency like as if they are more capable of changing the world into a better place and these people are jobless, homeless, and rebels. All of them boils down to not being socially responsible for the country.

Oftentimes, they blame the government for poverty when in fact, they are the ones who failed to finish their studies, have no financial and family planning, have no ambition, and the like.

If they truly see themselves as better citizens, then why waste all their energy and money on effigy?

I get the point of using props and that is to convey a message. But after burning all that stuff, will that improve their lives? Will they earn money after protesting?

If they desperately want a change in our country, then the change must start from within.

Instead of fueling their anger towards the government, then help the bereaved family of the victims. Find a decent job and work hard enough to give your family a better future. Stop all your vices and be a responsible citizen. Do not start a family if you are not yet financially ready. Lastly, study hard and become socially aware on our surroundings so we won’t be fooled by them.

Just to clarify, I am not siding the government nor the protesters. What I am saying is the fact that there is already an existing problem in our country, better stop adding more problems to it. Stop blaming all the people for your bad luck, sad life and the circumstances you’ve never expected to happen just like pandemic and super typhoon.

These are some of the things we have no control of. Instead of putting all the blame to the government, why not be just all honest with our shortcomings?

If we see the President as imperfect and incompetent, and so did we.

Let’s stop coming clean, accept all our flaws and do something about it.

All our actions have consequences and we are in no different from the President.

May we pray earnestly for him to give wisdom to correct whatever mistakes he has done for his people and may we also do the same for our family and ourselves.

I honestly voted for Duterte to become the President of the Philippines since Davao has low rates of crime due to his strict implementation of rules in his province. But that doesn’t mean that I often agree to every statement he made in public and just because I am not pleased with his performance, this should mean that I should insult the President including his appearance.

I do know that the sole purpose of protesting is to raise an awareness. But the moment I saw these photos, I deeply felt bad for my country.

He may not be the kindest President we ever had, but this is way too much; already below the belt!

Having a freedom of speech in our country doesn’t equates to having every right to brutally offend and mistreat anyone.

Let’s be straightforward. He may have a lot of flaws, but nobody deserves to be bashed.

I repeat, constructive criticism is objective. Whereas, bashing is subjective. Let us hopefully come to our senses and act like humans.

That’s why we are humans because we are far more better than animals. We are rational beings, so let’s not put ourselves into waste. May we raise our voices in a most respectful way.

There’s a saying that, do not put your dirty laundry in public because it will only reflect of what kind of person are you and it is indeed true.

Hating a person doesn’t mean we have to stoop that low and act wild.

That’s the problem in having a rally because not only that they may cause a traffic or any of forms of interruption, but they, too cause a harm to others. You see, there are some protesters who went too far in hurting people even the innocent ones.

In my own perspective, you can still continue to spread an awareness without the need to go outside and participate in the said rally. Mind you, our country is still not yet zero from covid-19 cases. Though, there’s already a vaccine for coronavirus, it is still better to be safe than regret in the end.

Regardless of how will they be able to maintain a distance from each other and no matter how much health protocols will they observe…joining a rally is never a healthy idea in the midst of pandemic.

In addition to that, most protesters will only leave their used props everywhere and will not be willing to dispose all their trashes at the appropriate place. They will leave their used materials from the streets causing more labor on the sweepers’ end.


Is protesting makes you a good citizen?

Well, for me depending on how will you participate in the said event. Know that whatever you do to your people will also go back to you. Good deeds will yield good results and bad deeds will also yield bad results.

So we better choose kindness, while it is not yet too late.

If you were able to read my blog post…

What is your reaction on President Rodrigo Duterte Effigy?

How do you feel that thousands of people viewed Duterte as a virus?

Well, if I were in the position of Duterte, I will view them as a disease for they are the real problem to our country. They kept on complaining rather than working hard enough to have a better living.

For me, killing of people is necessary most especially if they got involved in drugs. Not only that these are illegal, but also dangerous. For every person who will take illegal drugs, imagine how many people will suffer from rape, murder, homicide, suicide, and the like.

Instead of being a problem to our country, why not be the solution for it?

After all, anger just fuels anger and nothing else.

What is something you can do to at least make a difference?

For the nth time, let’s get straight to the point and humbly refrain from attacking people. They, too have feelings. It’s not right spreading hatred than giving them a clear message instead.

I hope you learned something today and I’ll give some tips by next week. The topic will be a surprise, so please tune in. Thank you for patiently reading my lengthy post and God bless!

If you are satisfied with my work, just follow my blog to keep you posted.

And if ever you want to help in maintaining my website, it will be much appreciated.

Thank you so much in advance and free feel to leave a comment, so I can personally say thank you.

If ever there has been some errors on my blog post, don’t be shy to tell it to me so I can correct it right away. Again, thank you so much for supporting my blog.

Author: Zandra L.

A writer and a manager by accident.

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