How to beat depression on a holiday?

Hello, RT Peeps! I hope all of you are having a great time with your family today since it’s a special celebration of the birth of Christ.

May you all have a joyful Christmas and I hope to give a light to someone who’s far away from home due to pandemic, work commitments, and any other circumstances.

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2020 has been the most painful year for all of us because of Covid-19 pandemic, Beirut explosions, Super Typhoon and many more.

People in general is currently dealing with depression today because some had lost their loved ones. Some even became homeless due to Beirut explosions or Super typhoon. While others end up being jobless due to Covid-19 which lead people to feel lost, empty, and depressed for there is nothing more that they could do, but to accept it.

Despite the fact that covid-19 vaccine is becoming available all across the world, still it would probably take a couple of years for us to recover from all the disasters.

To be honest, when I was still a little girl I frequently think of suicide as if it is the best solution that I could ever have.

Today is Friday and I am about to discuss how depression affects every person and being suicidal is one of the most common factors of depression.

Even though we know to ourselves that the best solution is to face it for us to conquer our fear…sadly we refrain from giving it another try. You see, not everyday we have enough courage to stand on our own. That is why we still need a support system for us to win over depression.

In most common cases, when people are depressed we tend to isolate ourselves from others. We even skip meals. We also often make unhealthy decisions for ourselves that is not helping at all. We even try to escape from feeling low and helpless. However, we failed in overcoming our fears and doubts that made us trapped or stuck in that situation. As a result of that, we now lost the courage to search for an escape and perceive things negatively as if it is unchangeable.

Whoever may be reading this and is currently dealing with depression today…may this blog helps you in any possible way.

These are just some of the things that I know and I often do in order to beat depression. Feel free to add more!

Simple and practical ways to conquer depression especially on a holiday:


I begun to pray the holy rosary after Super typhoon “Rolly” landed in Catanduanes last November 1, 2020 leaving most people with no homes. Pandemic isn’t over yet and here were are facing another calamity. Too much to handle that I ask God to give me more wisdom and strength to carry on in life.

I know, this may be a simple routine of praying, but with consistent effort could somehow strengthen our faith in Christ.

There are only 2 things that might happen. First, either you understand your problem or second, you gain some strength in dealing with your problems. Whatever it may be, for sure it would yield some good results.

As what Kelly Clarkson’s song says, What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger

If you are depressed and commiting suicide is the only option you are looking forward to, why not seek God’s help?

After all, praying is not for the weak, but for the strong person to admit that he or she is needing some guidance.


When everything else is too much to handle, I just choose to sleep rather than be awake ’til midnight. Being awake when everyone else is sleeping invites you into doing something dangerous like jumping off the roof; slashing your wrist with any sharp object; bumping your head on the wall ’til it hurts, etc. So for me to stop entertaining any negative thoughts, I just force myself to sleep.

In addition to that, sleeping helps us to think more clearly. When you had enough sleep, your mind and body are in a good state which helps you to make a quick and hopefully a better decision.

So if you are wondering if there are still better days to come, just hold on tight and trust the Lord with all your heart. Whatever you may be going through today is just a stepping stone to find meaning in your life.

Just think of it this way…if life would be too easy, then there is nothing more better days to look forward to. Life would eventually becomes dull and boring without the existence of problems.

You may live in comfort, but find no meaning or purpose in life. And I bet, that is more tragic to hear than having problems like the rest.


I don’t know if it is something psychological, but every time I take vitamins it often made me feel better. There is probably a particular substance which helps me to feel more relaxed and happier.

Upon research, there are really an existing vitamins for depression. Please check the link provided for it better explains what specific vitamins that can help us improve our mind condition.

Anyway, you are free to choose whether to take vitamins or consume real fruits. Eating something sweets also help you to feel better, just don’t overdo it or your depression could get worsen.

One article on, The Connection Between Sugar and Depression clearly explains why we should not depend too much on sweets. So better take everything moderately.


It is indeed true that through listening to beautiful melodies give us comfort which helps us to think less of our problems. Listening to instruments is a good choice, too.

Music can even uplift our spirit and may help us in actually moving on from a failed relationship, career, or a dream.

I remember when someone broke my heart, I used to listen to Camila Cabello’s song “Consequences” and just by simply listening to its beat and its lyrics, it really do help me cope from a failed relationship for it enables me to release my emotions with ease.

I highly suggest to choose a song that suits you well. Select a song that is similar to what you are currently going through ’cause that way, you’ll know that you are not the only one who’s experiencing it.

Besides, artists won’t be able to compose a song or sing it with feelings if they haven’t been there. Each and everyone of us go through that phase. We just assumed that our problems are absolutely unique, but it do happen to others a well. We are just completely unaware of it.

Apart from that, what I love about music is the fact that it could change our mood in an instant. Every time you feel bad about anything, remind yourself that music is something we could easily turn to.

And for those who had lost whatever and whoever that is important to them…music may not be the answer to our problems, but it is a way to release whatever hard feelings we may be going through.

As what I learned from “Burnout” book of Emily & Amelia Nagoski, you have to complete the stress cycle.

A lot of people is experiencing an extreme stress or sadness which leads them to end their lives all because of failing to open up.

Taking all the problems from themselves alone isn’t a healthy idea because once they are gone on earth, their problems remain unsolved and they were only able to escape from it.

So for you to complete the stress cycle, you have to feel the pain and don’t cover it by pretending to people or even to yourself that you are totally okay.

You’re not okay and letting yourself to feel the pain or the hurt is also a way to heal from it. That is why there’s a saying that, “Crying is good for the soul” because you were able to release whatever you are feeling inside.

Keeping it would just deepen the pain and would prevent you from fixing it or getting it healed, so start by being honest with yourself and learn from it.


Same thing with music, this kind of activity helps you to cope with our pain or loss.

Watching anything is also a good outlet to be away from whatever we are going through today.

I believe, visuals are one of the most effective tools we can use to teach ourselves from accepting all the good and bad experiences and recognizing the purpose of it.

Probably God is teaching us to be strong, patient and to deepen our own understanding for whatever problems we may be dealing with.

Every time I got depressed, I used to watch series and end up binge watching whatever that intrigues me or find it interesting. Aside from that, it occupies our mind to a new knowledge, learning, and experience which is something beneficial to us, humans.

So do yourself a favor, find something to watch that can help you deal with depression today.

To be honest, we are very much fortunate ’cause everything is already at the tip of our fingers. It would only depend on how will we use our downtime.

I highly recommend, “The Queen’s Gambit”. It’s a limited series on Netflix.

See how she was able to overcome herself from being addicted to pills. All along, she thought that pills is the answer to help her concentrate from solving chess, but truly not. Because her talent and dedication in winning for the game of chess is already enough.

She was just blinded by the idea that pills is everything that she only have…when in fact, there are a lot of people who cares and worries for her.

She was also blinded by the idea of being unworthy ’cause her own biological mother left her. So what expects her to gain an unconditional love from others. It was (again) a limited series and I hope you mind watching it.

But for anyone who’s underage, I suggest to watch Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey movie which I recently post. This talks about regaining back your confidence from yourself.


I already mentioned many times that I am suicidal that is why, I became so much fond of reading. This is not only for the sake of enriching my english vocabulary, but for the mind to keep busy. This has been my escape to all my frustrations in life. Whenever I read, it felt like I already travelled the world.

When you discover and learn new things, it broadens your horizon. Despite the fact I am suicidal, I begun to think that if I put an end on my life…then all my efforts in becoming great will become wasted.

Challenge yourself to read. This mental exercise will nourish us to make a mature and better decisions for our great future. So, let’s give it a try.


As what people often say, you are a great writer whenever you are hurt, disappointed, depressed, frustrated, and the like.

Simply because writing gives you a release of emotion and the freedom to express whatever you feel.

The reason why I chose blogging is because I used to write down all my experiences, the good and the bad.

When you blog, you are now sharing it with people and oftentimes, we don’t want others to correct or judge our own mistakes. We simply want ourselves to be heard by anyone and that’s more than enough.

It is still up to us what to do with our own lives. That’s why there’s a phrase “feelings for feelings” which I learned from one of my business seminars I attended to. It simply means understanding the shoe of others or humbly empathizing with them.

If you are not fond of reading and you want some other outlet to release what you are feeling inside, then maybe this is now the right time to find the essence of writing. If you are not comfortable from sharing it to anyone, it is better to write it down and also jot down the solutions to be made in order to overcome depression.


We are a good eater when we are going through something ’cause we needed the energy to suppress not only hunger, but stress as well. Unfortunately, people tend to eat more than the expected consumption of food and that’s called emotional or stress eating.

Whenever I am stressed out, I tend to eat more. And the moment I realize it, I need to encourage myself to eat at the right time.

If we often deprive ourselves from food, more often than not, we will end up to overeat.

Make sure to eat right on time to prevent you from indulging yourself from overeating.

For those who are heartbroken or far away from home this Christmas, I suggest to monitor what you eat. Not only that it might put a harm to your health, but would make you more depressed if you don’t pay attention to what you eat.

Choose food to eat that is light and healthy. Gaining weight will only add more to your stress, not unless you don’t care much about your body shape or figure.

But again, this not about looking good, but mostly feeling good about yourself inside.


Humans used to consume water everyday because that is a necessity to our body. But not all drinks promote the same benefits.

Water is expected to have zero calories and to cleanse our body.

If you’re being depressed due to weight gain, then drinking green or black tea would somehow help.

If you’re having an insomia, drinking a glass of camomile may somehow improve your sleeping habits and prevent us from overthinking.

If you want to have a good scent of drink, serve yourself a glass of infused pure peppermint. You’ll enjoy it’s minty smell and so with its taste.

Why am I recommending something to drink? Simple. I want people to try something else to drink.

It maybe a just drink, but each of them has a special purpose which can contribute to a healthy lifestyle.

But coffee & wine are my most favorite drinks whenever I am depressed or stressed out. Both of them promotes good health, too so long as you drink it in moderation.

And some prefer to drink hard liquors to forget about their problems even for just a day and you are free to try it, just don’t abuse yourself. But it’s a “No” for minors.

Drinking is also like eating. You need to take something in order for you to relieve stress. Whatever drink you prefer, free feel to choose just be aware of it’s side effects.

So just drink and not overdrink!


Ugh! The most awful thing to do is chores, but it is also the most rewarding thing to do.

Whenever you feel that everything is not falling into places, the most simple thing to do is to declutter. Chores isn’t about cleaning, but also getting rid of your old stuff. Things that have no more value to you.

It’s time to share your unused things with others for your area to be spacious; able to breathe and relax.

Messy surroundings will only add more stress to you and by simply doing this simple step would help you to concentrate more.

If you are not fond of doing chores, then look around if you are not bothered by the same vibe. Changing also the position of your stuff could help in de-stressing as well.

Some do chores just to redocorate the whole room for them to change its vibe and for them to attract more positive elements.

Whatever you plan to do with your room or your house, just know that what you are doing is for the sake of keeping your mind away from all the negative energy that you’re getting from stress, anxiety, and the like.

So ladies and gentlemen, do not underestimate the importance of chores.

Thank me later!


There are a lot of things you need to be thankful for ’cause it is free. Look at the sunshine. Go out for a walk or run a marathon. Whatever outdoor activity that you’re interested in will be worth it.

I would like to take note that going outside doesn’t really mean going on a trip. Since it is still pandemic we are constrained to go outside, but we are not limited to ideas.

If your house has a roof, you can simply stand still and let your body receive the heat of the sunlight. You can do some stretching to warm up your body.

If you have a playground or a garden, then you can simply water the plant or play with your pet if ever you have one.

Outdoor doesn’t mean you have to travel far. A lot of times we just need to recharge and change our cycle especially our surroundings to be able to cope with our depression.


Oh c’mon! Even though some of you are introvert, you still need to mingle with other people. I am not encouraging anyone to talk with strangers, but I am asking you to communicate with others.

Oftentimes, we got depressed simply because we thought that we are the only one who’s having a difficulty in life.

When we socialize with others most especially our loved ones, we’ll know that all of us have problems and you’re not alone all along.

Voicing out your struggles to your confidant helps you to release the weight you are feeling inside and when it gradually release all the heaviness a person is carrying, it would eventually create a relief which is a good thing to everyone’s health.


This kind of activity can also be done at home. There are a lot of workouts over the internet. You can choose a cardio or a strength training. The type of workout would only depend on your goals.

Be sure to do some warm ups, cool downs before and after workout. If you don’t have a trainer, you can start by doing little reps to condition your body.

Please remember that we are not the same, so only do some exercises that you can only bear.

Exercise helps a lot to de-stress and if you do this regulary, dealing with depression would somehow be lessened. Not only that it clears your mind and relaxes your body, but daily workout is proven to promote wellness.


If you are really having a hard time to open up your problems even to your family, then I must say that you need to consult yourself from a health professionals such as Psychiatrist.

This is not only for the crazy people out there, but to anyone who currently has mental, emotional, or behavioral problems.

They may prescribe a medicine that may be beneficial to your emotional condition.

A lot of times we are in denial to admit that we don’t need to seek help ’cause we feel that nobody would want to listen, so why not solve it on our own. Right?

But the reason why we are becoming more depressed is because we are not letting it out. Instead of opening up, we are putting a wall to others which prevents them from being able to be of a help to us.

Of course, consulting to experts need courage and the ball is all yours.

The very first person to know if someone needs some counseling is yourself. I know it may cost some money, but it’s gonna be worth it.


This is for anyone who’s needing an immediate help.

Call the suicide hotline whenever possible.

Depression isn’t a joke and so is your life.

You matter and to anyone who’s losing now the faith in Christ must acknowledge that he/she needs guidance or support from someone.

Do it today and I assure you, your life is not a waste. Keep reminding yourself that whatever you are feeling today is just temporary and for that, I thank you for minding to read my blog post for today.

By the way, I’ve posted a lot that is related to my topic today.

Feel free to check it out if you need something more to read.

Motivational Quotes From Jingle Jangle

Optimism is a decision, not a trait.

Why do people commit suicide?

Deep and profound!

How is your day going?

How Do You Cope With This Whole Quarantine Thing?

Once again, thank you and God bless!

If you were able to read my blog post today…

How do you manage stress or how you were able to beat depression?

Feel free to share it below!

If you are satisfied with what I blog and would somehow want to help me in keeping my website, it would be much appreciated.

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