Understand love with a grain of salt

Hello, RT Supporters! I hope all of you had a blast on a New Year despite pandemic. May we all welcome 2021 and pray for it to be a better year.

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To be honest I already have a scheduled post this Saturday. However, something came up and I started to change my mind all because someone unexpectedly left a message just to call me, chubby. Well, to be honest gaining weight doesn’t necessarily mean neglecting your health.

There are a lot of factors why people gain weight and I will not go further more on that since there is much more important thing that I want to say and that is, every person is lovable regardless of its shape.

I am not encouraging nor promoting obesity, what I am saying is to eat right, be healthy and wait patiently to have someone who truly deserves your heart.

Now is already 2021 and I want the youth to have a better understanding of love and why you need to consider a lot of things first before deciding to be with someone.

In my 26 years of existence and would be turning 27 this year of September, I think I already know a few of why it is better to be single first than to go with the flow of being in a relationship just like everyone else.

When I was still 15 years old, my perspective about love was shallow and simple.

As long as I love him and he loves me, that’s already enough.

To anyone here who’s young, don’t hurry love ’cause you are more prone to being gullible and vulnerable. You thought you already know about love once you’ve felt it, but totally not.

Love is something that needs to be taken care of.

This is not something to be taken for granted. And just because you are lovable and capable to love doesn’t mean you’ll never run out of love, you do. You just thought everything will be fine. But to be honest, you are just way too excited to be in a relationship and once love has not been reciprocated, you’ll soon get worn out.

Just like plant, you still need to water it everyday. Otherwise, it will die pretty soon. And that’s the same thing with love.

Do not ever be satisfied by the famous 3 words, I Love You. ‘Cause if the person truly loves you, he would be willing enough to commit and would think of your feelings first before saying mean things out of his mouth.

I am not saying to look for a perfect man. What I am saying is simply find or wait to have a better guy who can console you whatever happens.

Don’t settle for a man who only sees you as an object and would only be present for you for convenience alone.

Don’t treat yourself that low ’cause if the man genuinely loves you, he will come running for you, reaching out as far as he could just to be with you.

And to the man who failed to commit with us, let us be happy that we’ve already get through with them especially to the man who’s so afraid of commitment and who’s always been there with us ’cause he knows that we’re still in love with them and he can still make himself useful. But now? Though we still value the friendship, our good memories with them, hopefully that’s all that is left in our hearts.

Keep in mind that we deserve better and I hope you young lady reading this will make you change your mind and will wait for a little bit longer.

I know waiting is something hard and impossible to achieve, but once the wait is finally over, you’ll realize that your perseverance to wait truly pays off.

Just think of it this way, why settle for a man that would disappear and no assurance of coming back? Why not go for a man who’s willing to accept you just the way you are and is willing to be patient with you no matter what it takes.

Just to clarify, the man who truly deserves your heart is a guy who won’t question your flaws, but would be willing enough to help you grow and mature in time. Someone who would build your character and find no time to belittle you.

A lot of times when we are madly in love, we are often blinded by the idea of accepting the bad sides of a person just because we love him and so we accepted the spanking, cheating, harsh words and the like. We failed to realize that we are the only one who’s capable to love and never him.

Don’t wait for the right time, leave the person whenever you can.

Don’t waste your life just for a single person who never sees your worth. And be thankful and proud once you were able to escape and get over him.

This post is not only meant for us, women but for men as well. We all deserve to be loved and I do hope that before searching for that kind of relationship, we must know how to treat ourselves rightly. So when the right person comes…we can love fully.

Thank you for reading my blog post and I would be giving another bonus topic by next Sunday. Stay tune!

Author: Zandra L.

A writer and a manager by accident.

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