Don’t Leave Your Child Unattended At Home

2-year-old boy dies in Quezon City after plugging spoon into extension cord

Who could ever imagine that in just a split second…your own child can be taken away from you forever. Who could ever imagine that no matter how much you try to protect and guard them…accident would still happen.

Whoever is in pain right now, we sincerely empathize with you. We know that losing someone is just like losing half of our life and that kind of heartbreak seems to be immeasurable.


Real Talk understands…

– that many of you are having a difficulty to make time even for yourself due to carrying a lot of responsibilities in and out of your home.

– that many things can happen just for a day and you as parent cannot monitor your child’s activity 24/7 as much as you can.

– that it is never and will never be your fault.

That’s why Real Talk is here to help you.

To avoid this kind of incident and any form of accidents, please keep away your child/children from the following:

⁃ objects that can be easily pulled or reached.

⁃ sharp objects such as knife, scissors, tweezers, etc.

⁃ items that might ’cause electric shock.

⁃ areas that are slippery.

⁃ small items that can be placed into their mouth.

⁃ harmful products such as chlorine bleach, dishwashing liquid, aerosol spray, and dry cleaning chemicals, etc. that might be inhaled, drank, or get in contact with their skin or eyes.

Now that you’ve read all the tips provided,

Real Talk suggests…

– to place them on a big and tall crib to avoid roaming around without the supervision of someone.

– to at least have one guardian who can keep an eye to your child 24/7.

– to have a CCTV for their security and safety ( this is optional for those who are tight on a budget).


Real Talk wants

– to hear something from you. Please comment down below to let us know your feedback.

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  1. Excellent post Zandra. Very much needed for parents to take care of their children. Same like happened to me when my daughter was shocked while turning ON TV, Somewhere her finger touched the socket and she was shocked so badly, but thanks to Allah, she recovered soon after the shock.

    Liked by 1 person

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