Parents Must Be Vigilant On Foods

2 kids die, father in critical condition after eating ‘kuret’ crab in Cagayan

FYI: Warning! Poisonous Crabs
can be identified through their dark spots that usually covered a part or their whole shell.

Source: BFAR RFO1

To avoid this kind of incident, a parent must be:


– as a parent you are expected to be knowledgeable enough to not put your child’s life at stake.


⁃ every parent must have this kind of attitude to investigate first and learn if this kind of seafood can be safely eaten or not especially to kids.


– it means that every parent must be observant on its appearance, smell or taste of food before serving it to their children to avoid danger.

Now that you’ve read all the tips provided,

Real Talk suggests…

– to make a habit to ask your neighbors first or someone who can help you determine if it is advisable to eat.

– make a further research on the unfamiliar food.

– take a very small bite of it before serving it to children.


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