No Partying If Still A Minor, That’s The Rule!

5 arrested for raping minor in Davao City

If you’ve read the article, you would understand what “Silence Is Violence” means. In our point of view, making a person silent regardless of age is violence. Most especially when harmed and someone is depriving his/her right. But the most painful one are the witnesses who remain to be silent; who refuse to stand for truth out of fear of putting their life in danger, while others are facing the most disgusting and miserable life they had never imagined to happen.

Rape is rape. Whether it happened or not, still we cannot change the fact that this is one of the most frightening things that could ever happen to anyone’s life especially to minors. And it is even more tragic and painful for anyone to experience this because they have not only been attacked physically, but also emotionally.

There is nothing more shocking to an attack of someone you’ve never thought who could prey you with ease that you end up being helpless just like the case of a 15-year old girl who attended her friend’s party, which all she ever wanted was to enjoy and to feel belong as well. This is given to all the minors out there, where in there’s a high need for sense of belongingness. To the parent or a guardian reading this, here are a few suggestions from Real Talk that you can do something about it.

The following might help, where in it is important to…

  • assure them that they don’t need any validation from others.
  • boost their self-esteem so they won’t be asking for other’s company so much.
  • tell them that it is better to be loved by your true personality, rather than to be accepted by pretending something you are not.
  • always encourage them to share whatever they feel, so you would know their current state of mind.
  • make a habit to check on their activities and who their current friends or peers are.
  • tell them to no ever give their full trust on someone even though they are both friends.
  • inform them of the possible incident that might happen whenever they are outside, so they won’t be just informed but they would also somehow appreciate the idea of staying at home.

Here are some of the good effects of staying at home than letting your children to go out with peers. The following are mostly recommended for minors. So without further ado, let’s teach our children to see the good outcome of not going out.

By staying at home, your children could…

  • do stuff that truly represents his/her personality.
  • focus on building his/her character.
  • hone their skills and develop a sense of confidence towards themselves.
  • embrace solitude and get to love the idea of being alone for some quite time.

To all the parents, guardians, especially to teenagers reading this,

Real Talk reminds us to….

  • know where the event will be held.
  • know how far is the location.
  • know how many people are invited and if you or your child is accompanied by a lot of female instead of male.
  • know if there’s at least a few or more adults who were invited for the said party.

Now that you’ve read all the tips provided, Real Talk has an additional reminders for all of you.

  • to at least have one chaperone of you or your child; someone who is a lot older.
  • set a time for curfew.
  • make sure that the location can be reachable, where in you can contact them anytime.
  • make sure that majority of them are really those people whom your kids can trust.
  • let them bring a peppermint spray
  • teach them to learn some self-defense so they could not just protect themselves, but be able to escape from any danger quickly.
  • if possible, try to convince them not to drink any liquor or else they cannot be able to protect themselves from any trouble.


Real Talk wants to…

  • consider the location especially if your child wouldn’t be able to be accompanied by any adult whom you could trust.
  • let you know that if you or your child barely know all the people invited, better not join them.
  • not allow them to attend any party most especially if they are still a minor.

Know that fun can also be found at home and a party with a bunch of people especially male is not advisable for female ’cause it is not a safe place to attend to regardless of age.

Lastly, Real Talk wants to hear something from you. Please comment down below to let us know about how you feel about this topic.

Thank you for visiting our website and hopefully, we were able to help you in our own little ways. Feel free to click donate whenever you are interested to support our blog. God bless and keep safe!



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