Baby Switch Can Also Happen To You

Baby switch in Rizal: A case of motherly instinct and concerns over hospital’s accountability

Who would have thought that what you’ve seen in movies or series would happen in real life?

Holding your own baby for the very first time in your arms is the most precious moment of your life…

But how would you react if your baby had been switched from other family after you gave birth?

I know the feeling of big disappointment towards the hospital for you entrusted your little one to them, but had been negligent.

If you are curious about the full story of this case, you may click the link below to know about the whole incident.

TIMELINE: Rizal babies switched at birth

Whether you are already a parent or not, you are welcome to our site. Now, it’s time to give some tips and advice especially for the first-time parents…so that this incident could be prevented.

Real Talk suggests…

– to check first if the hospital has a license to operate a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).

Keep in mind that not hospitals are the same and equal, so you have to make sure that you are at the right place .

– that there should be at least one person in the family or relatives who can watch out for your child after you gave birth.

– that taking a photo/ video of the newborn is a must as a solid proof that it is yours.

– that having a printed or embroidered full name on your child’s cloth would give an assurance that your baby won’t be mistakenly switched to other family. Or if ever accidentally switched, it can be returned right away.

Though hospitals always provide clothes for the newborn, they allow parents to bring whatever clothes they want for their precious one to wear. Just make sure that it has been washed by a mild detergent because their skin is much delicate than us.

– that a nameplate bracelet can be placed to your child’s wrist or foot to secure their identity. But a cloth with your baby’s name is way safer than this. This is just an option.

For the first-time parents, you may read this article to know what are the only things that the hospital provides.

Getting Ready for the Big Day: Packing Your Hospital Bag

Final Thoughts

It is hard to endure seeing babies being switched from a different family. We sincerely hope that the management of the hospital would implement a strict protocol of handling a newborn child. But first, they need to get a license for NICU or the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit in order to legally operate. If not, this would surely cause a great trauma on both families and might also risk the baby’s condition by not being with the right family.

Just think about it this way, not all parents are alike. Some are too protective, while others are exactly the opposite.

Now that you’ve read everything,

Real Talk wants …

– to know about your reaction. Please comment down below to let us know whatever you feel about this incident.

Thank you for visiting our website and we hope that you’ve learned something from it. Feel free to donate if you are interested to support our blog. God bless and keep safe!



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