Brilliant Ways To Eliminate Herd Mentality From Your Children

VP Robredo says woman in viral vaccination photo not her

In this modern generation, most of our kids are exposed to social media. Without you knowing it, some of your children might already have a facebook or a tiktok account by simply asking someone to also make one for him/her.

Whether you know this news or not, you have to be informed for this might cause your kids to be easily got fooled by a disturbing headline on social media.

So, who could ever forget the viral photo who is obviously not Leni Robredo that circulated all over the internet?

The photo itself clearly gives us a solid proof that it is a different person, but people easily got persuaded to a sort of clickbait headline without even having to take a look or to at least read the article online before making a judgment.

By definition, herd mentality is the tendency for people’s behaviour or beliefs to conform to those of the group to which they belong.

This is most common to people for it is way easier to follow and believe the norm rather than to stand out and be against the crowd.

Aside from easily got deceived by a malicious news online and prefer to believe by what most people are saying, herd mentality can happen anywhere.

Say for instance, the teacher will be late for more or less 15 minutes, so the whole class decide to cut classes and go home rather than to wait for their last subject to attend to. Despite the fact that you badly want to attend, you decided to join them than to be perceived as not having a sense of camaraderie.

Again, that’s herd mentality. Subconsciously doing something due to a great influence of majority.

The other example would be doing the infamous “Dying Inside” Dance Challenge while you were driving on the road or you go out of your car to do the “In My Feelings” (Kiki Do You Love Me) Dance Challenge while somebody is driving a car/recording a video for you. Despite the risk or the accident that might happen or you might cause, you tried it anyway ’cause that’s so popular all over the internet. And you also wanted to show it to the world or at least to your peers that you can go with the flow and prove them that you are not the type of person who is a killjoy.

You might find it confusing, but here are some of the following which Real Talk really wants to say to the public especially to the parents or guardians with young ones :

  • Seeing something which is done by majority either in a virtual world or not doesn’t mean it is appropriate and correct.
  • Reading articles online are not all true and a reliable source.
  • Failing to make a further research about a certain news might put you or anyone in harm. Or worst, would cause an end to you or to anyone’s life. (Please do watch the Short Film on Fake News to understand this further. The link is near at the end of this blog post.)
  • Following the crowd means that you lack the ability to make a healthy and wise decision for yourself as well as for your community.

To the person reading this, what is something that you can do to avoid making unhealthy or worst decision in your life?

If you have kids or taking good care of someone who is younger, Real Talk suggests that you have to be the very first person to be a good role model to them; to teach them to be tough enough to stand up for truth and help them to take actions for better results. We believe that, it may be extremely hard or somehow impossible to change the whole community overnight, but we believe that everything started from home.

So, in your own understanding, why is Fake News continue to happen even today? If you already had something in your mind, I guess it is because we people like to believe on something that intrigues us (e.g. celebrity break-up) . For some, something that excites them ( e.g. free concert ticket). And lastly, something that has a compelling story (e.g. video scandal). Even though the reporter or journalist states the word “alleged“, people often jump to conclusion.

And if we are going to estimate it, at least 9 out of 10 would stick to fake news simply because we as well do not want to be bullied/ throw negative or rude comments at us, which is why people prefer to be in a play safe mode rather than to oppose on them.

Just look at how our neighbors or even relatives used to spread rumors about other people and successfully convinced them to believe it regardless of the fact that there has been no solid proof at all. And if ever there has been a proof, they would still ignore it simply because most of them believe in the fake news.

You may now start to wonder what’s the main point of sharing this to everyone and that’s plainly because Real Talk wants you as parents or guardians to at least mold your kids into a better citizen.

If you cannot change the world, at least try to correct and raise your kids by having a strong values and lots of principle in life. And by being with them until such time that you have strongly instilled the positive attitude and traits in them.

We are finally halfway through this post. Now, in order to prevent your kids or someone from herd mentality…

Real Talk reminds us to teach our children as well as others to:

  • make use of resources and do a research.
  • examine it closely, think and don’t make a quick judgement.
  • be persistent in knowing the other side of the story.

Lastly, what Real Talk hope for is to choose humanity over cruelty.

Here are some of the best strategies to somehow lessen the possibility of acquiring herd mentality to your kids:

  • No gadgets until they reach to an age where in it is strongly required for academic purposes. This would somehow lessen the tendency to make decisions based on what they see online.
  • Never leave your child to watch anything on television or your gadget without the supervision of an adult. Or else, they may try to copy whatever they see on the screen.
  • Train them to be open enough to ask you first or some adult in the house or school (e.g. parents/guardians, siblings, teachers, guidance counselors, etc.) before believing or making an attempt to do it.
  • If now allowed to use any gadgets, teach them some of the basic steps in order to identify hoax stories or news. You may read or watch the provided links below to be well informed and guided.

4 Tips for Spotting a Fake News Story

How to Spot Fake News

To all the people who used to participate in spreading fake news, know that you are not helping to solve the problem, but rather you make the problem much bigger and worst. Instead of habitually getting involve in that kind of act, why not have a heart to help other people and shape your family, kids, or someone into a better individual and help them become responsible for their own decisions.

As early as now and as young as they are, we remind parents and even guardians to please teach them to be tough enough so they won’t be easily influenced by a manipulative society where in spreading of fake news is already a normal thing.

And If all else fails, let’s pray and advice our kids that whenever they are in a difficult situation, ask God to give them sufficient courage to follow only what is right and let the Lord do the changing for others.

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How about you? What has been your reaction about the continuous efforts of the spread of fake news? Please comment down below to let us know your opinion.

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If you want to know more about Herd Mentality, feel free to read the article below. Not only do they clearly define this term, but they also give a relatable examples on why people fall for this fallacy. This is not quite long, so kindly proceed to this site whenever you are ready.

Herd mentality: Why people follow the crowd

If you prefer to watch videos, you may also try these.

Herding Behavior: How following the crowd leads us astray

Social Experiment On Mob Mentality

And last but not the least, this film focuses on the negative result of spreading fake news and how herd or mob mentality puts anyone’s life in danger or to death. This is a must-watch short video!

Fake Phantom | Short Film on Fake News and Mob Lynching in India

Once again, thank you so much for supporting our site and hopefully, you gained a new knowledge for today. God bless and keep safe!

Yours sincerely,


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  1. This is a good article for both parents and children. I hope a lot of people will get the chance to read this because it is very relatable to the current issues that we are having in the Philippines. Keep on writing, Zandra! πŸ‘

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