5 Fascinating Facts To Join Your Child Each Meal

The Importance of Family Mealtime

I bet, all of us have experienced to have a meal alone.

How does it feel to eat with no company?

Does it make you feel lonely or happy?

Well, I guess it depends on the situation.


Today, what I am about to share with you are some insights on why every parent or guardian need to be present each meal of the child.

Don’t get me wrong, I know most of you are having a hard time to be with your child because of work and some errands to run.

I am not requiring you to be with your child 24/7, but I am giving you at least 5 fascinating facts of why you need to be with them during mealtime. And this doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to be physically present all the time.

You can either choose a schedule, be it at breakfast, lunch, dinner or even midnight snack just to make time for them. This is only for those kids who don’t easily fall asleep.

With the help of technology, you can also join them via video call, if not possible for you to be home.

Now, here’s what Real Talk wants to share with all of you aside from the article that I’ve shared at the beginning, here are the following:

1. You get to know them better

Have you ever wondered why it is hard to connect with our kids? Simply because we are not giving them enough attention.

No need to do a research about it, just try and believe me, you’ll get to know them even better just by observing their behavior.

Say for example, you’ll instantly know what they like or don’t like.

2. You get to teach them some manners

Not only by telling them how to eat or sit properly. But also you can teach them to pray first before meal or finish their food first in order to enjoy their meal before they start talking. And remember, do not talk when your mouth is full!

Apart from that, you can correct their behavior as well by saying “excuse me or please” in case they are trying to reach something on the table or asking someone to get it for them.

Reminding them not to say any bad words; to not make a fight with their siblings or to not respond rudely to anyone in or out of the house would be nice, too.

And most importantly, to never use any gadgets during mealtime, not unless it is urgent. And many more to mention!

3. You get to teach them a healthy eating habit

Oh, c’mon! Don’t tell me that 24/7 they have never skipped a meal or eat junk food before lunch or dinner. If your child has a nanny, then you have nothing to worry about.

But let us all remember that, not all nannies think the same way as parents or guardians. In other words, you still have to monitor your child eating habit by being physically or virtually present for them.

4. You get to observe if they are dealing with something

If one of your kids started to act differently, you get to notice it right away simply because you are with them. If you are far away from them, you can also observe it the way they talk to you through a video or phone call and via text message as well.

Asking them how’s the food or their day would make them feel valued, which leads them to open-up way easier only if you constantly communicate with them.

You see, most children don’t have the guts to share their thoughts or feelings to their parents or even guardians just because of a lack of communication.

If you are not paying attention to them, you wouldn’t know if your child is having a depression or being bullied at school. Thus, it is so important to contact them every so often.

5. You help them to open-up with ease

As what I’ve mentioned, kids get to open-up because you have been physically or virtually present to them and that gives them the assurance that someone has concern for them.

The more you give ample time to your child, the more they can be more open in whatever they are dealing with life.

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Thank you so much and please keep an eye on your kids!

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God bless and thanks a lot for paying a visit to my blog. Hopefully, you find this post helpful. Please also share it with everyone to build a strong and healthy family connection.

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