A Free Webinar For Parents Struggling With Online Classes

Do you feel like you’re the only parent or guardian who hardly cope with digital learning of our kids?

Seems like you can’t be of a help to them since you lack education and are not so exposed to the use of modern technology.

Now, we’ve got your back!

EMERALD GREEN BRANCH presents an online forum for those switching roles nowadays from “parents” to “teachers” — this is something to help you triumph in your new-found roles in the household!

KAMUSTA NA GRADE MO, ‘NAY, ‘TAY is happening on May 22, 2021, Saturday, at 4PM!

If you are interested, feel free to register.

At the end of the webinar, participants must be able to:

  1. Build awareness on how online modular learning affects the emotional and mental state of both children and parents;
  2. Identify the challenges parents face that may have an impact on their children’s level of learning;
  3. Learn steps to address these challenges, emphasizing on effectively carrying out multi-tasks as parents;
  4. Equip parents with a deeper appreciation and openness in becoming digitally-savvy parents, and;
  5. Establish the importance of early educational planning in creating a future-ready family life.

For inquires & concerns, you may contact this person.

Dr. Glo Guanzon



Dear parents / guardians, this is now the right time to go out of our comfort zone for us to unleash our potential. As a result of that, we can be able to lead them to have a brighter future!

Real Talk Blog is here to help you and things became even possible because of Emerald Green.

So, what are you all waiting for?

Let us join in the said free forum and learn from each other’s experience.

Please share it with your friends and family. Anyone whom you think that could benefit from this event.

See you there,


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