My Heart Goes To Star City

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If ever you had been to Philippines, you’ll know that…

Star City is one of the all-time favorites of Filipino as amusement park.

So, when the fire incident happened somewhere in October…

It honestly broke my heart.


Thousands or even millions of people were shocked about the breaking news!


Your Worth Isn’t Measured

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Your worth isn’t measured by:






For you are worthy.





But most of all,


Simply because you are…






By the number of people who really cared and valued you.

So stop putting the blame on yourself.

I know, there are days were life is pressing you down, but life isn’t all about that.

Life is just simply making you stronger so whatever happens, you can move forward.

After all, change is constant.

So why end your dreams by just a number of failures?

How about you?

If things are pressing you down, how you do respond to it?

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Don’t Be Disheartened

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If things are not working so well right now..

You’re not alone.

If you are experiencing some writer’s block, better yet take a break.

If you’re not getting any likes or comments lately, take a break as well.

It might be because you’ve been blogging something that needs to be improved.

Probably, you’re lacking on some areas.

Or they are just looking for something new to read.

Whatever that is,

Don’t be disheartened for you are not alone in this journey.

I had been wanting to sit beside the window

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When I was a child, I love looking out the window.

You know why?

‘Cause back then, I am not allowed to go outside.

I remember, I always cry whenever my parents don’t allow me to go out.

I often ask myself, why I can’t live like normal kids out there?

And even today, I still can’t go out alone.

At the age of 25, I guess you can now do things freely without your parents’ permission.

But I was wrong.

Everything remained just the same.

To be honest, it’s really frustrating, tiring and suffocating to have such parents like them.

But along the way, I have realized one thing.

No parents want their children to be in trouble.

Though, there are some who could do that to their own blood and flesh.

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Coffee: Sip, Not Drink!

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Whenever I really have a busy schedule, I always fail to at least enjoy my coffee.

Are you also like me?

That whenever I failed to enjoy my coffee, that’s when I realized that my life is now completely different compare before.

I have realized that the more I age, the more my life gets hectic.

But always know that you are in control of your own self.

Don’t be a slave to your personal and other obligations.

Try to have a break at least once a week.

Just like in giving yourself a cheat day, that won’t make you fat right away.

A day of break won’t hurt you.

Besides, there’s a lot of stuff to do both at home & work.

Bare in mind that…

Obligations are endless.

No matter what we do and no matter where we are.

But before doing so, your main obligation is…


How can you perform a job or a task, if you no longer feeling well.

In a sense that…

You are now feeling toxic about the things that you do.

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Don’t Stick To Plan A

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A lot of times we are so fixated to something we are used to; to things that we already planned.

Say for example, I already planned what to wear for the whole week of work.

Unfortunately, on the last day of my work or a day before I take a day off, I don’t feel like wearing my scheduled outfit.

So, without having a second thought, I immediately change it.

How I wish we could apply that in all aspects of life.

Always flexible.

Always ready for change.

So, how about you?

Would you still stick to Plan A, if there’s a lot of options in life?

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Brutally Honest: Only Few Are Ones

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I hate to admit it, but that’s a reality.

If the person habitually do a “seen mode” to your messages or keeps on ignoring you for like forever,

That person is just sending you one thing…

She’s not interested at all.


Some people are only present in our lives just because they need something from us.

And once they already succeeded, that’s also the end of our connection with them.

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