When a blogger tries to be a guru in everything.

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Since it is Tuesday, my topic will be about my experiences as a blogger.

Funny as it may sound, but this topic is something that I am guilty of since I know little about blogging and did everything I could to appear as if I am already a pro in it.

And you know what, it was honestly not a good feeling talking to your readers as if you’re an expert in everything.

As my journey of being a blogger goes on, I’ve come to realize that we still need to consult people or do a little bit of research to have a better knowledge on a certain topic than to try hard enough to appear to be a smart one.

I bet in general, we have assumed that exploring is understandable and so we’ve treated everything posted on our blog like our own.

In my blogging career, I’ve seen many bloggers who don’t put a value on recognizing their sources of information. They also shared several photos without giving any credits to whoever or where those photos taken. They tried so hard to give several information, but failed to mention where did they get all of those.

We live in unfair world, where the people who worked hard enough are the ones who do not receive enough credits for creating a masterpiece.

The truth is…

We can never be a guru in everything. Thus, we need to recognize those sites and people we’ve illegally used their sources.

While I understand that being a blogger is a long learning process, they would appreciate us more if we will only focus on what we know about or something we are truly good at and not trying to be good at everything.

I know that it is a nice feeling to be viewed as a well-rounded person, but what we are most forgetting in making our blog is that…

We must find ourselves in it.

What I’m trying to say is that, we should be honest with our readers. Don’t try to exaggerate things just for us to get an attention from the crowd. After all, nobody wants to be liked by people we are not.

Now, I want to ask about your own struggle in your blog.

It is normal to experiment first, but losing our own identity in order to gain a lot of readers is just like putting all our efforts into waste.


Because one day, we will all become tired and exhausted becoming someone we are not.

So while it is not too late, just be real with our content. Just like what I’ve said on my previous post, we can’t expect everyone to like everything we post.

All of us have different tastes and interests in life, so try not to feel little with our work.

But count everything as our progress. Whether it is a small or big achievement, we have to recognize it.

As long as we are trying hard and working hard, everything will surely pay off.

Have you tried to be a guru in everything?

If yes, what has been the most awful experience you’ve encountered from your readers? Feel free to comment below!

Thank you for reading my blog post and my next topic will be published after this week.

Blogging Schedule

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A few background about myself and my blog since I published this on a Monday.

When I started a blog last year, I have no idea about blogging. All I know is the fact that I have so much to share in this world.

Thus, last year had been a long and rough road for me since it is all about experimenting and getting to know what I want on my blog and how will I be able to reach out to people who’s needing some assistance if I myself were also a newbie at that time.

Fast forward, it took me more than a year to finally have a fix schedule as what most bloggers do.

But before I share my blogging schedule, I want you to know that this is still a trial and error. Meaning to say, it can still be changed and I know, we as bloggers need to be flexible every step of the way.

I already mentioned on my blog that I have a full-time job and this one is more like an extra job to get me cover from my other expenses.

But I promise that I will work hard on every topic that I’ve selected and here are the following:

Tell me about Yourself

⁃ Every Monday

This topic will be about me and my readers. I will share a piece of information of myself and after that, the spot will be given to my readers. I’ve included this topic so I can create a connection with my readers by simply knowing a piece of information about themselves as well.

Experiences as a Blogger

⁃ Every Tuesday

This topic is for all of us, bloggers. Let’s share whatever we have learned so far.

Motivational Quotes

⁃ Every Wednesday

This is a must have in order to encourage people to continue whatever path we’ve chosen. By simply receiving some words of wisdom, it will give us some kind of comfort, strength and confidence to hold on tight and persist whatever we have started.

Current Events

⁃ Every Thursday

This is to keep people updated on the current issues we are experiencing such as battling with covid-19, getting up after the super typhoon and so on and so forth.

How To’s

⁃ Every Friday

This post will be about giving tips, advices or some few reminders on whatever topic that I will discuss on.

To my RT supporters, this post will be done on a weekly basis. I won’t be posting daily for I will be running out of ideas.

Posting once a week at a given topic would be enough. Let’s start to be more organized for the upcoming 2021.

There will be some delays, but the given topic will never change on its day.

Saturday & Sunday will be a bonus topic.

Thank you!

After going through all my blogging schedules, today is about “Tell me about Yourself”.

I want to know how did you start your own blog.

Was it really your idea to start a blog or someone had told you to do so.

Feel free to share whatever you are comfortable to say. You can add what were you before you started a blog.

Thank you and I really hope that you are as excited as I am in becoming more organize on my blog.

Again, thank you so much for being a part in my journey.

Thank you for accepting my flaws, for reacting on my blog and for giving me some tips and advices as well.

My next topic will be published on its given day of the week and that will be a surprise. God bless!

Do you have this kind of behavior?

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The reason why I shop a lot is not because I have more money to spend for, but this is something that I can make it happen!

I am not saying nor encouraging every one of you to buy something that will not benefit you in the long run. But rather, I’m trying to tell you something to buy the things that can make you happy; that can at least compensate you to things that are not possible to happen as of the moment.

Moreover, I shop a lot whenever I am at my lowest, ’cause I have this strong belief that by simply rewarding yourself…that will give you comfort; will remind you of how worthy you are; and will help you accept the fact that it is okay to not feel okay.

In short, I find it therapeutic for me ’cause there is something good to look forward to.

And I bet, everyone loves that kind of feeling, too.

You see, when everything is dull, boring or monotonous, at least you get to see new things at home and get to try some other stuff while choosing to stay at home to be safe and covid-free!

Again, I do not buy something all for nothing. But rather I buy in order to gain something and that creates a difference from a naive to a smart shopper.

How about you? What’s your story? Please share it below. Gracias!

Choose Your Own Struggle

You see, blogging is no different from working full-time especially if you are the only one managing your own blog.

The burden is all yours.

The struggle of promoting.

Thinking of what blog post to make.

How you want your website to look like.

It was never easy doing everything alone.

You might ask someone to do other things for you due to other work demands. Unfortunately, no one is willing to work for you without salary or wage. Not unless they are up for some kind of public service. But you see, nothing is permanent. One day they will come to you and sue you for not giving anything in return. In short, if you cannot compensate them, let’s just take things slowly.

Blogging is honestly not about rushing, but rather all about writing that has content and not just making your readers waste their time for nonsense stuff.


But one thing is for sure!

If you choose a career that is from your own will, it is possible and easy for you to endure the pain of working than pretending to love a job you have no interest with.

Isn’t it true that what makes us happy are the things we desperately want to achieve.

So, I’ll end my post by a question…

What struggle is worth having for you?

Thank you for reading my blog post, RT Peeps and may you have a blessed & productive day ahead.

New Year Means New Perspective!

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Hello, everyone! I’m really sorry for not being active lately. My full-time job became so hectic, which made me fail to fulfill my part-time job as a blogger.

Anyhow, I want you all to know that I am not chinese, but my family have acquired some chinese tradition.

I guess, there’s nothing wrong in believing in good luck by performing some practices like wearing some charms, placing the objects from the right position or even offering the necessary food.

Whatever that is, there’s no harm in trying, isn’t it?

Before we start, I also want you to know that adapting some kind of practices from different people isn’t a problem as long as you don’t forget your own root.

Appreciating and even applying others’ practices are not sinful, just know that whatever you apply to your life will only yield good result which means good life, good treatment to people and most of all…good practices.

Are you still here with me?

The following are the things that are new to our practices. Just to be clear, we do not own whatever practices we applied. But we encourage everyone to change their perspective into a good direction, meaning good mindset for success all boils down to having good character.

Before we celebrate New Year, I helped my parent to prepare different sets of play money, which according to her will attract more earnings in the coming year. We placed it on a transparent plastic. Sealed it. Placed a ribbon on it and hang it to our window each floor.
To welcome our New Year, we are adviced to take a bath with rose petals and a gem that was soaked in water. This is new to us and I guess, it’s quite cool!
And who would ever want to miss this red envelope that has a money inside? Everyone wants to have a money, most especially when it is the beginning of the year. They believed that having cash on your pocket would mean having money all throughout the year. But of course, with hardwork and some discipline on where to place and when to use money is still the key to succeed.
Looking back on my younger years, I used to believe that New Year needs to be extravagant where in, there should be a lot of preparation to make. But as I grew older, I came to realize that New Year simply mean…changing perspective. Celebrating New Year can be simpler, less complicated, and no worries at all. You can wear whatever you feel like. Again, it is still in the mindset of people which will truly bring good luck. The practices, positioning of objects, and even the food you offered are just some of the ways to help you attract good vibe.

So, what about you? What do you think of New Year? Does it excites you? Feel free to share with us your practices each time you and your family celebrate New Year. Thank you for reading my blog post and Happy New Year to all. Hoping for more blessings and good karma to all of you.

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Books’ Review: Part 2

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Here’s another three books that I already been reviewed.

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God bless!

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All Saints’ Day Break

The long wait is finally over! 🙏
Please stay tuned! 😎
Please read my previous blog posts for the meantime. ☺

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Books’ Review: Part 1

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Annoucement: Books’ Review

Hello, RT Peeps! 👋

Sorry for not being active lately.

Anyway, I thought of something else to do aside from blogging.

If you are fond of reading different genres, then this is a good news for you. 😍

Perks You Get From Promoting

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Whether we like it or not, promoting also helps to inform people of what you do for a living.

Honestly speaking,

You won’t earn much for producing a good quality content alone.

It has to be advertised.

Whether you do it alone.


You pay for your social accounts to do it for you.

Whatever kind of social media you have, make use of it!

Your blog won’t be known for working hard and praying alone.

You need to make an effort to promote it.

Just so you know,

Whenever I promote something, I get a lot of views compare to the days that I stop doing it.

You could really tell.


So, would you promote your blog or you’ll just wish for a luck?

Comment below and share it with us the strategies you have done in promoting your blog.

Simply because,

What works for me doesn’t guarantee that it will work for others.

So, might as well ask other bloggers out there. 😉

Let’s go hand in hand in promoting our blog.

After all,

We are after the money and not just our passion alone.

Gracias! ☺

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