Silent Scream

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When you want to say something, but you decided to shut your mouth ’cause you have nothing good to say.

When you became so used to hiding your feelings ’cause you were always misunderstood before they console you.

I felt that too often.

I also feel that I have this worst enemy in me that I can only solve by myself.

I am physically strong, yet too emotionally weak.

I have several tendencies to commit suicide.

But kept reminding myself that I still have many things to experience before ending my life.

This is for the people who cannot voice out.

This is not for the weak, this is just for the people who became fed up in trying to prove one’s worth.

There are some moments, well most of the time I really don’t open up.

I just don’t feel comfortable enough to share.

I may share a part of it. But not every detail.

There are some stuffs you have to keep it to yourself ’cause not everyone are a good listener.

Not everyone is understanding.

Not everyone is like you.

I am writing this ’cause whoever is planning to commit suicide, you are not alone.

‘Cause I am just like anybody else who can be a worst enemy to oneself.

When something or someone pissed me off, I try to limit my response.

I try to appear that I am not hurt.

I try to act okay.

But the truth is, the more I try to hide it, the more painful it becomes.

Sometimes, it is better to talk with strangers ’cause what’s more important is that…you were able to let it out.

I am voicing out here ’cause there are things that I cannot open up to others.

Some are way too jugdmental.

Some don’t have the heart to be understanding.

Some wouldn’t do any help to you.

So, why not share it here? Only people who can understand and relate to me can leave a comment.

That’s all.

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Not Everything You Asked Can Be Freely Given To You

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I hate to say this,


Most people are so used to asking a lot from others.

And sometimes, they are some kind of people who wanted everything to be free.

Are they insane or what?

They feel as if everything needs to be given freely just because


They are your family or relatives.


They are acquainted to you.


Probably the worst of all,

You are well off enough than them.

So, why choose to be frugal over them when you have so much?

Am I correct?

Why Even Royalties Experience to Pity Themselves?

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Most people believed that money is the answer to everything.

If it truly does…

Then why even royalties or the rich ones on earth get to pity themselves?

It just shows that no matter how luxurious your life is…

You still get to experience frustrations in life not because you are not contented with the kind of life you have, but rather because we are all human beings.

Regardless of your life’s status, you will still get to experience this and that’s pretty normal. As clichΓ© as it may sound, not everything you could get.

Especially the intangible ones.


Friendship, love, trust, and even passion.

Why Friendship?

Because we are wired to speak and to communicate. Failing to have someone to talk to leads you to question your life.

Why Love?

Because without it, there’s no reason to continue living.

The truth is…

No one can live on earth without anyone by their side.

Imagine you are just a baby and there was no one around.

No food.

No water.

Not even a shelter.

You think you could survive?

Why Trust?

I hate to say this, but all of us have experienced some kind of trust issues wherever we go.

And having no one to trust feels like you are invisible; that you don’t exist at all!


Why Passion?

Because I believe, we all have a purpose in life. God placed us on earth to find meaning in our lives.

And a life without a passion is like waiting for yourself to die without even knowing what you truly wanted in life.


Not everything is about money.

It is about our relationship with God; with people whom we can trust and share our firsts moment.

And lastly, about how we see and treat ourselves.

How about you?

What intangible things that made you to pity yourself?

These are just some of the things that I believe is hard to find as well as to earn.

Please comment below and tell me what you think about my topic for today.


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Learn To Control Your Temper Especially To The Elders

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Not so long ago, my parent who was nearly 60 got pissed off to me.

My parent who was known to have a bucket of patience suddenly burst into anger.

Well, I clearly understand where that mood came from.

One afternoon, I was asked to come upstairs to get my own food, but failed to do it out of busyness.

Of course, I got surprised when she scolded me.

So, I took some time off to tone down my emotion before I leave my work.

But not before long, the food was already at my place.

You see,

Both of my parents are already close enough to be a senior.

That is why,

It is no wonder that their level of patience suddenly became too little.

But, that doesn’t mean that they don’t love me enough.

Now that I am already a grown up woman, I have come to my senses that it is now my turn to understand them deeply with no reservation.

As much as possible, I try to avoid arguments every now and then…

Despite the fact that I was being right.

At some point in my life, I have come to realize that not all battles are worth fighting for.

‘Cause oftentimes,

It is not about being right, but rather about being kind.

You may have won in the argument, but you have lost the respect in them.

So rather than consuming all my energy to be well understood,

It is better to have an ear towards them 24/7.

You see, life is too short to entertain the ugly side of each person.

So, instead of feeding your mind with negative thoughts,

Why not focus on beautiful things that ever happened in your life?

I bet, that will be hard to count!


If ever there has been a misunderstanding between you and your family or someone who’s older than you, learn to listen towards them.

Sometimes, getting angry means that they care way too much to you.

Too much that it now hurts you.

But here’s what you need to remember.

Someday, you’ll also get old; you’ll get weak; and you’ll feel helpless.

Words are deadly.

Please do remember that!

So, let’s try to control our temper whenever possible.

‘Cause I strongly believe that…

Whatever hurtful words that comes out of your mouth cannot be taken back.

How about you? When was the last time that your level of patience was put into test?

And what are the strategies that you have done in order to deepen your level of patience and understanding?

Please comment below!


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Not All Are Great Writers

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I was reading a new kind of book again, which tackles stress cycle.

But along the way,

I’ved realized that the author didn’t write professionally.

The author just have the threshold to speak up to the world for he mastered a particular topic.

Though, I am quite disappointed with the way he writes…

I still recognize the depth of his book.

Maybe, the author just need to take some writing class to make his book even better.

Mind you,

The substance is there already.

It just needs to be enhanced to deliver his point rightly.

Just to be fair,

I never said or considered myself as a great writer.

I am just saying that my kind of writing is quite better than the author…

For I proofread every post that I share with you all.

As much as possible, I avoid redundancy.

Instead of saying the same thing over and over again…

I try to be more direct, so I could be easily understood by people.

If you’re into substance, well that’s a good news!

For you’ll be learning a lot from the author.

But, if you’re also into excellence of writing…

Then, I’m afraid to tell you that the author is lacking on that area.

I guess, that’s all I could say for now.

I just hope that this author will take writing more seriously.

How about you? Can you recall some authors that weren’t really a great writer?

Please comment below.


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Hello, Fellas! Why Don’t You Groom & Groove?

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Let’s break some serious discussions here on my blog and make it more enjoyable.

Groom is a term I use for pampering yourself.

I don’t care if it is about getting yourself a haircut,

Getting your nails done.


Even changing the way you dress.

We all need that.

It’s not about being high maintenance.

But, it is also important that we take care of ourselves.

‘Cause if we cannot do it…


How can we expect others to love and have some respect to us?

The next one is,

Get yourself into the groove.

I don’t care if it is about modern or traditional dance.

Keep your body movin’!

I just want you to groove.

You can dance or swing yourself into the air.

You can jump, run and listen to your fave song playlist.

I just want you to know that maybe you are becoming hard on yourself.

Loosen up a bit and you’ll feel lighter and happier.

Here’s the funny truth!

When I was in college,

I badly want to try pole workout with a little bit of dancing, ’cause I am not really a good dancer.

I just want to try some new stuff.

I also want to change the mindset of people that pole workout or pole dancing isn’t meant for prostitution or sexual pleasure alone.

But it can strengthen your core as well!

As you climb as high as you can,

You’ll feel a sense of…


That you don’t need any validation from others.

You can always choose to be happy and let the world know that you can be anything.

And as long as you have a complete respect to yourself and to others…

There is no reason for you to stop and get the kind of happiness you truly deserve.

Am I correct?

Please comment below and share it with us,

What are the things you usually do to pamper yourself?


What makes your body get into the groove?

It could simply be…

You won an award.

You want to destress.


You just badly want to kill time.

Whatever that is,

Sharing is such a nice thing.

So, don’t be shy! ☺

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All contents are mine except for the provided photos, videos, and the like. If ever there is something I did violate in any way, whether it is a minor or major violation, please let me know. Thank you in advance! ❀

When was the last time you had a heart to heart conversation?

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This is something we don’t usually do, most especially when our mind is always occupied with a lot of things.