Public Display of Affection

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While it is pretty normal to show affection to your loved ones, there are certain limitations you need to consider.

First, know your place.

Regardless of the fact that you live or used to live in a liberated country, keep in mind that not all people around you are comfortable enough by it.

Second, always try to set a good example to everyone ’cause what other sees in you might encourage them to do the same thing.

Let’s not forget that we are great influencers through our words and actions, so let’s try to be more vigilant from now on.

Third, better safe than sorry.

Whether you mind it or not, social media can be used against you.

They could even threaten your life or career.

So, I suggest that you wouldn’t risk everything just for one thing. – PDA

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You Get What You Pay For

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In this time and age, people are becoming more comfortable shopping online.

Not only because it is convenient, but also because it is affordable if you are to compare it from the existing shopping malls out there.

Unfortunately, people somehow forgot to be logical anymore.

Even though they knew from the very beginning why such item dropped its price suspiciously, they still end up buying it and later on, kept complaining why the purchased item did not at least meet their expectations.