My Ultimate Journal

This has nothing to do with work. I only created this for my own.

You might be wondering why post here instead of FB & IG, well simple answer. I just want something new & fresh.

Something that is really much of a blog. And I guess, there’s nothing wrong in making use of the domain I bought for my personal happiness as well.

So please pardon me for keeping something privately.

I might share some, but not everything. I hope you understand. 🙏

I honestly don’t want my RT Peeps to receive a lot of “Me” blog.

I know for sure that most of you are following me for the expectation that you will learn something from me.

Something that can somehow better shape your life.

So no worries! I provided a lot of categories namely introduction, reaction, reflection, realization, and discussion.

Kindly visit all of them and I do hope that in some ways, you’ll be enlightened by the words I put into that piece.

Thank you so much and I’m hoping that you’ll enjoy your stay on my website, RT Peeps! 😉

Love lots,

RT Admin 💗😘