How is your day going?

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I know, it must be hard for you seeing a lot of cruelty and suffering all around the world. There’s racism, pandemic, and a lot of killings. What had just happened to the world? This year 2020 had suffered so much that it is hard to take.

Do you all agree?

In this time of pandemic, many were still unable to see their family because they were trapped in lockdown. Different means of transportation have been suspended due to COVID-19.

Rape, child abuse, suicide, corruption, and the like continue to increase and so are making illegal drugs. Some were even forced to do it just for them to put food on the table ’cause globally we are on crisis.

It is hard to see people losing their job that is dear to them because most business establishments, regardless of size can no longer afford to give any compensations to their workers due to long closure of operations.

As for business owners, it must be hard for you dealing millions or even billions of loses in the market.

For the families who have lost their loved ones because they are the frontliners who were willing and dedicated enough in saving other people’s life, I sincerely empathize with you.

Those people who are single and a solo parent, it must be hard on your part taking all the burden and even the risk you take just to be able to support your child.

Poor became poorer due to the unfair treatment of society.

Those who are planning to go on trips as a way to destress after working tirelessly, but were trapped in their own houses to keep themselves and their family safe.

Those animals who are also suffering from hunger just like humans ’cause everyone is in short on budget and some have nothing left on their pocket and their loans have just increased.

And just like jeepney drivers, their only hope is from donations of strangers.

Those who are landlords, it must also be hard on your part not being able to receive any payment on time from your tenant because they have no work for several months. And the same struggle goes to other companies that provide electricity and water.

And lastly, those people that were able to survive from COVID-19. I know your health have been greatly affected by this virus and therefore, recovery wasn’t really easy as it seems.

Though, some of you have already recovered from covid-19, I know that you are still in pain and in the process of healing. Unfortunately, some people cannot understand or get what you are going through and so they have no plans in taking this virus seriously, not unless they too catch it by themselves.

Countless of people didn’t care to take this pandemic seriously.

Life is precious!

But for others? It felt like life was just a joke!

These people are the selfish and the coldhearted ones.

Know that all of us were suffering in this trying time, so I am praying and hoping that more people would start to cooperate and do their part as well.

The only thing that I could say to everyone is to please hold on tight. Believe in Christ and have faith. Christian or not, know that in the eyes of God we are all equal and the same.

Some may not call Him by his name and that’s alright ’cause we were born in different parts of the world.

But whether you believe it or not,

He saw all the sufferings. He knew from the very beginning that we are in pain!

This pandemic will soon come to an end and hopefully, whatever lessons we had learned and are continuously learning, may we take it from the heart so we will never forget it.

Again, cling on to God and may we willingly open our eyes and take our time to see the positive purpose of this struggle.

Most importantly, may we also have the ear to listen earnestly to God’s wonderful message and lastly, a mouth that is willing to speak nothing but the whole truth!

By writing this post, may we be reminded by the fact that some were lucky to beat this virus, but some were not. May we never forget to pray for the people that weren’t really ready to die, but death had just happened shortly and unexpectedly.

May we also pray for the bereaved families to be able to find light and comfort that they need in this darkest moment of their life.

Praying and hoping for the departed souls to find peace and happiness in the paradise of Christ.

To conclude, may we have the courage to trust God all the way and the attitude to know the made up stories from not.

How are you doing, Folks?

What have you learned in this time of pandemic that you are confident to share with us?

Feel free to share what’s on your mind and thank you for reading my lengthy post.

God bless!

A Star Is Born

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Many months ago, I watched this film and the reason why I include this on my blog is because…

It clearly shows the real struggle of being an artist.

Whenever they are on stage, it often creates an anxiety to them.

No wonder, most of them had led themselves into taking drugs and becoming more dependent on alcohols im order to cover up their depression.

It’s a kind of high and low experience ’cause you never know what will be the reaction of people.

Some may cheer for you no matter what and some may boo you for making even the slightest mistake.

When the crowd gets loud and wild, the feeling was more like taking ectasy, a kind of drug where you’ll feel like you’ve already reached the pinnacle of your life.

But when the crowd gets disappointed, be ready enough what to be thrown at you. Abruptly, you’ll feel as if it was the worst nightmare you’ve ever had.

Thus, the film also portrays how challenging and depressing it is to be an artist.

Not to mention, you must compete with the younger generations as well. Otherwise, you’ll be left behind.

No matter how you adore your craft, you still need to explore and expose yourself to other things for you to improve and not to get stale in the entertainment industry.

Business is business and so is your talent, which is why, it gets even more harder to keep that job for it changes rapidly.

What’s trending right now, may no longer be impactful in the future. For this reason, you are expected to try someting else; something new and fresh.

That’s how crucial their job is…where fame doesn’t last long, not even money.

So, how about you? What are you planning to do with your life to make it worthwhile?

Please comment below.


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Silent Scream

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When you want to say something, but you decided to shut your mouth ’cause you have nothing good to say.

When you became so used to hiding your feelings ’cause you were always misunderstood before they console you.

I felt that too often.

I also feel that I have this worst enemy in me that I can only solve by myself.

I am physically strong, yet too emotionally weak.

I have several tendencies to commit suicide.

But kept reminding myself that I still have many things to experience before ending my life.

This is for the people who cannot voice out.

This is not for the weak, this is just for the people who became fed up in trying to prove one’s worth.

There are some moments, well most of the time I really don’t open up.

I just don’t feel comfortable enough to share.

I may share a part of it. But not every detail.

There are some stuffs you have to keep it to yourself ’cause not everyone are a good listener.

Not everyone is understanding.

Not everyone is like you.

I am writing this ’cause whoever is planning to commit suicide, you are not alone.

‘Cause I am just like anybody else who can be a worst enemy to oneself.

When something or someone pissed me off, I try to limit my response.

I try to appear that I am not hurt.

I try to act okay.

But the truth is, the more I try to hide it, the more painful it becomes.

Sometimes, it is better to talk with strangers ’cause what’s more important is that…you were able to let it out.

I am voicing out here ’cause there are things that I cannot open up to others.

Some are way too jugdmental.

Some don’t have the heart to be understanding.

Some wouldn’t do any help to you.

So, why not share it here? Only people who can understand and relate to me can leave a comment.

That’s all.

All contents are mine except for the provided photos, videos, and the like. If ever there is something I did violate in any way, whether it is a minor or major violation, please let me know. Thank you in advance! ❤