Why Would You Need To Expect Less?

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Nowadays, people are so used to expect a lot from others; from their ambitions; from their status in life and so on and so forth.

Yet, they failed to embrace uncertainties for they already pictured what being successful should look like.

As a result of that, they tried to do more than what is expected them to do. But doing more without a pause or a break will only cause you to feel burnout. So my advice is to not conclude that what did not work for you does not equate to not doing your best. God is simply redirecting you to what you truly deserve.

Have a leap of faith and take one step at a time.

Our Dream Is Never Ending

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Though, we are not earning yet.

Though, we haven’t reach our quota.

Though, we’re like crawling on the floor.

Hold on tight, ’cause this is just the beginning.

One day…

Someday, somehow, we will be recognized by many.

Someday, we will never be alone.

We will soar high.

We will soon harvest the fruit of labor.

So hang on there, for we will reach our destination.

You just have to wait patiently and never ever give up. 🙏

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