Can You Delay Gratification?

Hello, RT Supporters! Today, we’re going to talk about the significant benefits of delaying one’s gratification.

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As time goes by, it is now easier to earn money in this modern generation because of the help of social media.

However, just because someone is already earning doesn’t necessarily mean there’s no need to delay one’s desire.

We are all created equal and the same. We only became separated with each other because of our current status in life.

But the truth is, nobody lives in a perfect world. Everyone has problems and no one is ever been exempted in that situation.

Without further ado, let’s discuss and enumerate what makes the delay truly worth the wait!

Since there’s a lot to mention, I’ll be focusing only on 3 factors.

Peace Of Mind

First of all, when you delay something it gives you peace of mind. Simply because you are not stuck in situation where in, you are still not capable of resolving problems on your own.

Say for example, becoming a mother at the age of 13 is not an easy role. And in general, most teenage moms often ask an assistance either from their family, relatives or to whom they could at least get a support or guidance.

Healthy Decision

Second is the fact that you delay things give you an ample time to make healthy and better decisions.

As what I remembered and learned from Netflix’s Documentary Film, “The Minimalist” being simple is hard to achieve compared to being easy.

That’s because being easy means you just go with the flow. Whereas, being simple requires a lot of planning and hard work and that’s similar in making life choices.

It’s way easier to follow the norm than to plan things on your own.

But I want to tell you that once you delay your desire…you are not only making your life free from any trauma or stress, but you are reducing the probability of facing such difficulty in life.

Getting pregnant at the age of 13 is not and will never be a wise decision to make.

Not only that you are underage, but that can still be considered as child sexual abuse even though it is not by force and with your consent.

Simply because you are still young and innocent which means that you are prone to being gullible and vulnerable.

Whoever is reading this that is still a minor, I hope and pray that there is someone who will look after you even if you already reached your legal age.

So many people make unwise decisions in life because of the lack of support from their parents or guardians.

One thing I’ve learned from Mom is the fact that I am curious doesn’t mean I have to try it. Experience is not always the best teacher. If it could be prevented, then it could lead to a positive outcome such as by graduating on time, be able to focus on your growth first, and lastly being being able to savor whatever you currently have today.


Last but not the least, when you delay what you desire prepares you enough for greater responsibility in the future.

People will always have problems. However, better things happen to those who delay things because not only that they mature over time, but they become more equipped in solving problems on their own.

They are not just physically, mentally, and socially prepared, but they, too are now spiritually and financially prepared.

Whatever life throws at them, they are now strong and can endure the pain of hardships in life.

Money is not really the cause of evil. If use wisely, it can be a solution to anyone’s problem.

Now, let me ask you a question.

Are you the type of person who delays gratification or consume whatever resources you have right now?

Say for example, instead of saving money for your business, you spend all your money in building a house.

Well, there is nothing wrong in owning a house, however you don’t earn from it. Not unless you both have enough passive and active income to sustain it.

Whereas, owning a business helps you to cover your rent expense, pay for electricity and water bill, and so on and so forth.

Similar to becoming a Mom, it is better to delay the baby first. Rather than having a baby you are not yet ready to shoulder responsibilities with.

So, can you now delay gratification or you still haven’t change your mind?

Thank you for patiently reading my blog post and please do give me a feedback after.

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By the way, I only post once a week and my topic will be published depending on my chosen topic to also give you a little bit of surprise.

Again, thank you and I’ll be sharing more interesting insights by next week!

Understand love with a grain of salt

Hello, RT Supporters! I hope all of you had a blast on a New Year despite pandemic. May we all welcome 2021 and pray for it to be a better year.

Featured Image: Pexels

To be honest I already have a scheduled post this Saturday. However, something came up and I started to change my mind all because someone unexpectedly left a message just to call me, chubby. Well, to be honest gaining weight doesn’t necessarily mean neglecting your health.

There are a lot of factors why people gain weight and I will not go further more on that since there is much more important thing that I want to say and that is, every person is lovable regardless of its shape.

I am not encouraging nor promoting obesity, what I am saying is to eat right, be healthy and wait patiently to have someone who truly deserves your heart.

Now is already 2021 and I want the youth to have a better understanding of love and why you need to consider a lot of things first before deciding to be with someone.

In my 26 years of existence and would be turning 27 this year of September, I think I already know a few of why it is better to be single first than to go with the flow of being in a relationship just like everyone else.

When I was still 15 years old, my perspective about love was shallow and simple.

As long as I love him and he loves me, that’s already enough.

To anyone here who’s young, don’t hurry love ’cause you are more prone to being gullible and vulnerable. You thought you already know about love once you’ve felt it, but totally not.

Love is something that needs to be taken care of.

This is not something to be taken for granted. And just because you are lovable and capable to love doesn’t mean you’ll never run out of love, you do. You just thought everything will be fine. But to be honest, you are just way too excited to be in a relationship and once love has not been reciprocated, you’ll soon get worn out.

Just like plant, you still need to water it everyday. Otherwise, it will die pretty soon. And that’s the same thing with love.

Do not ever be satisfied by the famous 3 words, I Love You. ‘Cause if the person truly loves you, he would be willing enough to commit and would think of your feelings first before saying mean things out of his mouth.

I am not saying to look for a perfect man. What I am saying is simply find or wait to have a better guy who can console you whatever happens.

Don’t settle for a man who only sees you as an object and would only be present for you for convenience alone.

Don’t treat yourself that low ’cause if the man genuinely loves you, he will come running for you, reaching out as far as he could just to be with you.

And to the man who failed to commit with us, let us be happy that we’ve already get through with them especially to the man who’s so afraid of commitment and who’s always been there with us ’cause he knows that we’re still in love with them and he can still make himself useful. But now? Though we still value the friendship, our good memories with them, hopefully that’s all that is left in our hearts.

Keep in mind that we deserve better and I hope you young lady reading this will make you change your mind and will wait for a little bit longer.

I know waiting is something hard and impossible to achieve, but once the wait is finally over, you’ll realize that your perseverance to wait truly pays off.

Just think of it this way, why settle for a man that would disappear and no assurance of coming back? Why not go for a man who’s willing to accept you just the way you are and is willing to be patient with you no matter what it takes.

Just to clarify, the man who truly deserves your heart is a guy who won’t question your flaws, but would be willing enough to help you grow and mature in time. Someone who would build your character and find no time to belittle you.

A lot of times when we are madly in love, we are often blinded by the idea of accepting the bad sides of a person just because we love him and so we accepted the spanking, cheating, harsh words and the like. We failed to realize that we are the only one who’s capable to love and never him.

Don’t wait for the right time, leave the person whenever you can.

Don’t waste your life just for a single person who never sees your worth. And be thankful and proud once you were able to escape and get over him.

This post is not only meant for us, women but for men as well. We all deserve to be loved and I do hope that before searching for that kind of relationship, we must know how to treat ourselves rightly. So when the right person comes…we can love fully.

Thank you for reading my blog post and I would be giving another bonus topic by next Sunday. Stay tune!

Motivational Quotes From Jingle Jangle

Hello, RT Peeps! Today is Wednesday and as promise, I will be sharing some “Motivational Quotes” that will give you an extra push to get to where you want to be.

Last November 23, 2020 my sister and I watched Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey movie and surprisingly, got a perfect quote for all of you.

Featured Image: Netflix

The film tells us that you just have to believe, someone needed to believe and that is a hundred percent true, especially when we see someone is believing in our own capabilities. Regardless of its number…it will surely gives us the strength to keep doing what we think impossible.

“If you believe, it’s all possible”

The film has a sort of musical and fantasy. And there’s this lyrics that captured my attention.

” The square root of impossible is possible in me.”

In my own understanding, the thing that is holding us back is ourselves. As what the film told us that magic is already prepared for us. It’s probably been waiting for the right time when we are all ready enough.

Skills and talents were not gone. We are actually the ones who got lost and so with our faith in ourselves. If we truly want it to naturally come out, we have to keep telling ourselves that we can do it no matter what it takes.

I know, “Believe” maybe a simple word, but once we start to believe in ourselves nothing will ever be impossible.

If ever you guys are free and want to spend some quality time with your family especially on a Christmas day, I truly recommend this movie ’cause it is suitable for all ages.

Square Root of Possible by Madalen Mills

Feel free to read it’s full lyrics so you would know how beautiful the song is.

Most of the selected songs from the movie are danceable, uplifting, and has a lot of morals.

I bet, you’ll definitely miss being a child, where in there’s a lot of ambitions even imaginations about life.

It’s because in our childhood years, it is where we are often ready to do the things we truly wanted. Whatever people say to us, we only brushed it off until we try it.

You know, during our younger years we are honestly not afraid of anything; of trying things that we are unsure of.

We keep on trying and trying, not until we grew older and understand that life wasn’t such an easy one.

That is why I am recommending this for everyone to recall their childhood memories, especially the things that they still continue to believe despite its impossibilities.

After all, there’s nothing bad in trying.

Even though its fails, sooner or later we will all get things done and right.

I hope I was able to give some wisdom as well as courage to the one who’s now losing the power to believe in themselves.

If you were able to read my blog post…

What are the things you’ve done in your life that you thought impossible?

I am pretty sure that everyone has that moment where in, we’ve started to have doubts towards ourselves. But luckily was able to overcome it the moment we realized that there are people out there who still believe in us, which helps us to bring back our confidence and give it another try.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog post and that ends our topic for this week.

I’ll be sharing some current events by next week, so hang in there. God bless!

If you want to read some of my works, feel free to check this out.

When a blogger tries to be a guru in everything.

Since it is Tuesday, my topic will be about my experiences as a blogger.

Funny as it may sound, but this topic is something that I am guilty of since I know little about blogging and did everything I could to appear as if I am already a pro in it.

Featured Image: LinkedIn

And you know what, it was honestly not a good feeling talking to your readers as if you’re an expert in everything.

As my journey of being a blogger goes on, I’ve come to realize that we still need to consult people or do a little bit of research to have a better knowledge on a certain topic than to try hard enough to appear to be a smart one.

I bet in general, we have assumed that exploring is understandable and so we’ve treated everything posted on our blog like our own.

In my blogging career, I’ve seen many bloggers who don’t put a value on recognizing their sources of information. They also shared several photos without giving any credits to whoever or where those photos taken. They tried so hard to give several information, but failed to mention where did they get all of those.

We live in unfair world, where the people who worked hard enough are the ones who do not receive enough credits for creating a masterpiece.

The truth is…

We can never be a guru in everything. Thus, we need to recognize those sites and people we’ve illegally used their sources.

While I understand that being a blogger is a long learning process, they would appreciate us more if we will only focus on what we know about or something we are truly good at and not trying to be good at everything.

I know that it is a nice feeling to be viewed as a well-rounded person, but what we are most forgetting in making our blog is that…

We must find ourselves in it.

What I’m trying to say is that, we should be honest with our readers. Don’t try to exaggerate things just for us to get an attention from the crowd. After all, nobody wants to be liked by people we are not.

Now, I want to ask about your own struggle in your blog.

It is normal to experiment first, but losing our own identity in order to gain a lot of readers is just like putting all our efforts into waste.


Because one day, we will all become tired and exhausted becoming someone we are not.

So while it is not too late, just be real with our content. Just like what I’ve said on my previous post, we can’t expect everyone to like everything we post.

All of us have different tastes and interests in life, so try not to feel little with our work.

But count everything as our progress. Whether it is a small or big achievement, we have to recognize it.

As long as we are trying hard and working hard, everything will surely pay off.

Have you tried to be a guru in everything?

If yes, what has been the most awful experience you’ve encountered from your readers? Feel free to comment below!

Thank you for reading my blog post and my next topic will be published after this week.

Blogging Schedule

A few background about myself and my blog since I published this on a Monday.

When I started a blog last year, I have no idea about blogging. All I know is the fact that I have so much to share in this world.

Featured Image: Unsplash

Thus, last year had been a long and rough road for me since it is all about experimenting and getting to know what I want on my blog and how will I be able to reach out to people who’s needing some assistance if I myself were also a newbie at that time.

Fast forward, it took me more than a year to finally have a fix schedule as what most bloggers do.

But before I share my blogging schedule, I want you to know that this is still a trial and error. Meaning to say, it can still be changed and I know, we as bloggers need to be flexible every step of the way.

I already mentioned on my blog that I have a full-time job and this one is more like an extra job to get me cover from my other expenses.

But I promise that I will work hard on every topic that I’ve selected and here are the following:

Tell me about Yourself

⁃ Every Monday

This topic will be about me and my readers. I will share a piece of information of myself and after that, the spot will be given to my readers. I’ve included this topic so I can create a connection with my readers by simply knowing a piece of information about themselves as well.

Experiences as a Blogger

⁃ Every Tuesday

This topic is for all of us, bloggers. Let’s share whatever we have learned so far.

Motivational Quotes

⁃ Every Wednesday

This is a must have in order to encourage people to continue whatever path we’ve chosen. By simply receiving some words of wisdom, it will give us some kind of comfort, strength and confidence to hold on tight and persist whatever we have started.

Current Events

⁃ Every Thursday

This is to keep people updated on the current issues we are experiencing such as battling with covid-19, getting up after the super typhoon and so on and so forth.

How To’s

⁃ Every Friday

This post will be about giving tips, advices or some few reminders on whatever topic that I will discuss on.

To my RT supporters, this post will be done on a weekly basis. I won’t be posting daily for I will be running out of ideas.

Posting once a week at a given topic would be enough. Let’s start to be more organized for the upcoming 2021.

There will be some delays, but the given topic will never change on its day.

Saturday & Sunday will be a bonus topic.

Thank you!

After going through all my blogging schedules, today is about “Tell me about Yourself”.

I want to know how did you start your own blog.

Was it really your idea to start a blog or someone had told you to do so.

Feel free to share whatever you are comfortable to say. You can add what were you before you started a blog.

Thank you and I really hope that you are as excited as I am in becoming more organize on my blog.

Again, thank you so much for being a part in my journey.

Thank you for accepting my flaws, for reacting on my blog and for giving me some tips and advices as well.

My blog post will be published depending on my chosen topic and that will be a surprise. God bless!

Blogging 101: Does scheduled post works?

Due to our busy schedule, this feature helps us achieve a sense of productivity.

But here are the things that you need to consider first.

Featured Image: Pexels

⁃ Giving yourself a deadline helps you to become productive. However, know that if you craft is still not good enough…better delay it than criticize your work for your negligence.

⁃ Do not also post just for the sake of being active. Only post once you are done proofreading. I often say this thing, do not underestimate the essence of having a content or a substance.

⁃ Do not copy anyone’s work. Always remember that you can only stand out from the crowd if you choose to be original.

This is the reason why I do not read all bloggers’ work in fear of copying their style for writing.

You can get some help or gain some insights, but never let yourself to be somebody else. Let the people admire you for who you are.

But here’s the heartbreaking truth…

Not everyone will like about what you post. You can recommend your blog, but never force them to read everything. Accept that all of us have different interests in life and that, having few readers is enough especially when you are new to this field.

Just don’t stop blogging for whatever that interests you and make sure that it is worthy of their time.

If you want to build a strong and long lasting connection to your readers, just try to be as interesting as possible. Ask them about what’s on their mind or how they feel about it. In that way, they wouldn’t feel that you are just talking to yourself and avoiding people to react on your work.

And remember, there’s always room for improvement. So be always open to feedback and never dwell on any forms of criticism.

Thank you for reading my short post and God bless! I hope you will be able to post with all honesty and not only for the sake of gaining more viewers.

If you were able to read everything…

What has been the most challenging part when you were just a newbie in the field of blogging?

Happy weekend, guys! Feel free to comment below. Stay healthy and keep safe. Gracias!

Optimism is a decision, not a trait.

Hello, RT Peeps! I really hope that everyone is doing fine.

What I am about to share with you is optimism. But before anything else, I would like to clarify that I am the opposite one.

Featured Image: Pexels

Honestly, I grew up hating my life because this is not something that I had wish to have.

I am grateful, but not contented.

I almost have everything, but I often end up dissatisfied with the kind of life that I have.

So what gives me the right to speak about optimism, right?

But last night, when I was already resting someone texted me and told me that they were already on roof due to typhoon “Ulysses” which caused the areas to be engulfed by flood.

All homes were soaked in water with mud and I started to cry out of worry.

But you know what this person told me?

What’s with that worry? We are all fine! This person told me that I should be strong and be more thankful to God for they are still alive.

But let’s admit, our loved ones is our “achilles’ heel” that made it hard for us to see and accept the fact that they are suffering so much especially in this time of pandemic and now, facing another catastrophe in our lives.

Looking back, when I was in college I had a thesis about the effects of happy disposition and it seems like this person knows well my study more than I do.

How ironic, right? Seems to be more educated as well ’cause it did not affect this person’s point of view in life no matter how bad life gets and this made me feel more special to have someone who has that kind of thinking…much matured and full of positivity in life!

Now, I can attest that my philosophy professor was right in claiming that the most giving persons on earth were the poor ones.

Simply because they are still willing to share whatever that is left on them because they know how it feels to have nothing.

Sad to say, we need to see the sufferings of others not really to pity on them, but only to help us realize how lucky we are and that, we must be ashamed of God for making a fuss rather than praising him for all the blessings he had given to us.

Of course , I cannot promise to everyone that I would be as positive as this person, but somehow it moved me in choosing to be positive more often than to worry and complain a lot of things.

Just so you know, I became really depressed this month because I was constrained to do what I like. So down that it felt like I was not given a good life ’cause I was like a prisoner in our own house.

But after knowing what this person is going through, unexpectedly it gave me a meaningful message that I would never forget and that is…

Seeing the sufferings of our loved ones serve as an eye-opener on how we look at our own lives. God let us see the suffering of our loved ones to help us appreciate the blessings that was given to us in which we often took for granted.

Kudos to this person for making me realize that I was so wrong the whole time. I just feel suffocated, envy, and too desperate to get all my desires.

Hoping that I was able to give a light to others despite the fact that I am in no position to say these things. Just would like to help especially those who were already losing their faith in God.

It may not be our time, but with patience and right mindset, we will soon get there!

Maybe God has not given my plea all because of my tantrums, lack of faith in Him and most of all, comparing myself too often to anyone.

I am deeply sorry for acting foolish, oh Lord. Hopefully, this will be the starting point of changing my outlook in life that whatever storm we will face, there will always be a silver lining.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog post and I do hope that you also learned something today. God bless!οΏΌ

If you were able to finish reading my work…

What for you is the most annoying thing that has ever happened in your life, but felt guilty after learning the purpose of it?


Thinking that the worst enemy is my parents ’cause they are so controlling, strict and very conservative.

I’m already 26 years old. Had finished my studies and already working for almost 5 years now. But still they never allowed me to date or to hangout with friends just to travel. It should only be within our area and with a companion as well.

My life was about school and now, all about work since it’s a family business. I never really got a chance to get a normal life nor given too much freedom. And it adds more pain in my heart to be stuck at home due to Covid-19 threat. I became even more paranoid knowing that my life revolves around work and family alone.

That’s how I lived my life. I’ve been deprived for so long that it hurts so much that I never got a chance to have a kind of freedom just like everyone else. It’s true that when I was born, they were already wealthy and so they secured our life too much that sometimes, it became more stressful at home rather than fun.

But after assessing my life, I can proudly say that I am in good hands the moment that I was born. I may be got bullied at school, but never did I had a chance to be drunk and be raped which is too common for teenagers since they are the most gullible and vulnerable one.

Having strict parents is also a blessing ’cause whoever man that will come into your life, you can assure that you will be respected all because of them.

And whatever respect that I am receiving, the credit goes to my parents for molding me into a better person.

Of course, I am still hoping and wishing to grant my prayer and request since I am now matured and old enough. I promise that I would be more careful on whatever decisions that I will make in the future for them to stop worrying.

Now, it’s your turn to share. I am open whatever you want to share with me.

Feel free to comment below!


Why do people commit suicide?

Everything I wrote was just based on my personal experiences.

In my 26 years of existence, here are some of the things that drove people to commit suicide.

1. Frustration – you tend to quit your life simply because some of your expectations in life did not happen.

2. Rejection – you hate being rejected ’cause you feel like you are not worthy enough.

3. Depression – you always feel down for no reason and that is more depressing than knowing why you feel that way.

4. Recession – you feel bad knowing that you were one of those people who have been removed from work.

5. Obsession – you feel lost and empty whenever you don’t get your material possessions.

6. Humiliation – you to tend to end your life because you were always bullied.

7. Emotion – you want to die because of your uncontrolled emotion. One hurtful word and it’s a game over for you.

8. Attention – you want to vanish because you cannot get the kind of love and affection from your family, friends, or partner.

9. Action – you feel bad knowing that there’s no more assistance on the part of the government. This hurts so much especially for the poor ones who need more help.

10. Relation – you feel lonely because you have no one to share or connect with.

11. Abortion- you wish to be dead by now because you cannot take more responsibilities especially to an unwanted child. Either you live or let the baby die alone?

12. Restriction – you’ve become fed up of being deprived to do something you like.

13. Distraction – you lost the enthusiasm to start over again because you often get distracted by your surroundings. (e.g. shouting of neighbors, unexpected fire or a noise coming from vehicles)

14. Miscommunication – you’ve lost the energy to reconnect with your loved ones because both of you just talk without any understanding.

15. Destruction – you just wish to sleep forever because of several calamities happening in the world such as typhoon, earthquake, tsunami, and the like.

16. Option – you want to end all your sufferings ’cause you are left with no choice. (e.g. poverty, unemployment , abandonment, pandemic)

17. Obligation – you want to disappear just for you to stop providing for your family and relatives ’cause they have no plans for the future other than relying on you.

18. Deception – you got scammed by your business partner or fooled by your spouse that push you to commit suicide. Either you live in debt/shame or die to escape?

These are some of the things that come to mind, feel free to add more! ☺️

Thank you for still reading my blog post and I do hope that I somehow uplift your spirit in the best way I could.

Again, thank you and know that whenever you are in pain, nobody isn’t.

Whatever you are going through right now, I am pretty sure that somebody is experiencing or feeling the same thing.

So I got scammed this week & the experience was truly terrible!

Featured Image: Pixabay

Please beware of buying online. Don’t just simply depend on their ratings ’cause the rate won’t tell you about the whole truth.

The saddest part of my experience is the fact that they still maintain a good ratings of 4.5/5.0.

Their secret is pretty simple.

50 % true to its picture, but some may lack in quality and 50 % has some good quality but obviously different in the photo they presented.

I understand that it is quite cheaper than other shops, but I still give it a try because of the high ratings they have reached which I never thought of being scammed.

The heart breaking part of this is, I bought everything in bulk just for me to lessen the cost of shipping.

But to my dismay, most of the items are completely different from the photos they presented.

From the color, texture and even its appearance are completely different from what you saw on their shop.

The process of return was insane and terrible. It is way harder than just placing an order. But I am working on it since I’ve lost thousands of money from a fraud shop.

I already reported the shop who did this to me and I am now taking the legal process, just way too hassle for me.

Really hoping to get my money back and the shop need to be penalized for making people believe that all their products were authentic and in good quality.

This is just the down side of ordering online for you do not really see the actual photo. Most of it were just edited and some may claim that it may only different in color because of the camera they used. But you can test it when you are being scammed by the seller once you receive them from the actual.

Sadly, refunding of money is at the hand of the seller. Some sellers are so nice and understanding.

There was one seller who sent my parcel with 2 lacking of items, but the seller mmediately refunded my money without having a second thought about it.

Whereas this seller had a very thick skin, that after sending them a video and photos for proof of my complain and concern they immediately disputed my request for return/refund of my orders.

But God is good, the provider of ecommerce for shopping online has the last say whether to grant my request or not.

What really saddens me now is the fact that they are so used to scamming people.

If ever you got scammed, don’t let your fear devour you. If you know how to order online, you must also learn to complain about your orders and address the issue to the right person-in-charge.

I know and I believe that karma will be on its way and that would teach them a lesson they’ll never forget.

Do not fear of waiting too long to process it. You just have to have a courage to reach them either by a live chat or an email.

Please be persistent in reaching out to them and always make a habit to do a follow-up. Just make sure that you keep everything with you such as the original packaging of your orders with complete details of course. And make sure that you have compiled all the needed evidences they need to see with regards to your complains. Make sure that the photo is in good quality to actually see the difference. Also keep in mind that you are asking for their help so be respectful all the time. Be honest with your concern and be direct to the point.

Think of it this way, the moment you keep silent it just means that you also didn’t care about other buyers.

I will not let this thing slide. I will still continue to send a hard evidence that they become accustomed to fraud and doing that kind of business shouldn’t be tolerated.

Their business permit must also be confiscated and removed their right to continue doing business online.

So what kind of a buyer are you?

The silent type or someone who knows how to fight for your right?

I know it was really stressful and time consuming on my part, but I’m still doing it anyway ’cause that’s part of being a buyer. So instead of just sitting around, kindly stand up and fight for your right.

If you are not going to do anything, for how long will you remain like that?

Even if it takes forever, at least you know to yourself that you are also doing it for the other potential buyers that wil shop from them.

TL; DR ( Too Long; Didn’t Read )

Ratings are not reliable
*please check for photos and comments as well
Practice your right and do a legal action about it
*fear or fraud, what will you choose?

When Slow Internet Connection Is Testing Your Patience

I find it truly unfair for we’ve been paying fairly just to get the fast internet connection we truly deserve and they ain’t get their job right for us.

How truly heart breaking when all you could ever do is to consume all your prepaid load just for you to have it.

Featured Image: Pexels

If you’re going to rate your internet connection from 1-10, how would you rate it?

Feel free to comment below. Gracias!