Choose Your Own Struggle

You see, blogging is no different from working full-time especially if you are the only one managing your own blog.

The burden is all yours.

The struggle of promoting.

Thinking of what blog post to make.

How you want your website to look like.

It was never easy doing everything alone.

You might ask someone to do other things for you due to other work demands. Unfortunately, no one is willing to work for you without salary or wage. Not unless they are up for some kind of public service. But you see, nothing is permanent. One day they will come to you and sue you for not giving anything in return. In short, if you cannot compensate them, let’s just take things slowly.

Blogging is honestly not about rushing, but rather all about writing that has content and not just making your readers waste their time for nonsense stuff.


But one thing is for sure!

If you choose a career that is from your own will, it is possible and easy for you to endure the pain of working than pretending to love a job you have no interest with.

Isn’t it true that what makes us happy are the things we desperately want to achieve.

So, I’ll end my post by a question…

What struggle is worth having for you?

Thank you for reading my blog post, RT Peeps and may you have a blessed & productive day ahead.

Not All Are Great Writers

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I was reading a new kind of book again, which tackles stress cycle.

But along the way,

I’ved realized that the author didn’t write professionally.

The author just have the threshold to speak up to the world for he mastered a particular topic.

Though, I am quite disappointed with the way he writes…

I still recognize the depth of his book.

Maybe, the author just need to take some writing class to make his book even better.

Mind you,

The substance is there already.

It just needs to be enhanced to deliver his point rightly.

Just to be fair,

I never said or considered myself as a great writer.

I am just saying that my kind of writing is quite better than the author…

For I proofread every post that I share with you all.

As much as possible, I avoid redundancy.

Instead of saying the same thing over and over again…

I try to be more direct, so I could be easily understood by people.

If you’re into substance, well that’s a good news!

For you’ll be learning a lot from the author.

But, if you’re also into excellence of writing…

Then, I’m afraid to tell you that the author is lacking on that area.

I guess, that’s all I could say for now.

I just hope that this author will take writing more seriously.

How about you? Can you recall some authors that weren’t really a great writer?

Please comment below.


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Slow Burn

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I found out that there’s an existing song of “slow burn“.

Kindly check the provided video link,

So you’ll get an idea of what my blog post will be about.

Tragic Death

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Aside from crimes we have today,

I consider this as a “tragic death”.

Not being able to do what your heart’s desire.

All Saints’ Day Break

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Brain Damaged

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If not all,

I guess, most bloggers out there can strongly relate to what I will be sharing with you all.

Annoucement: Books’ Review

Hello, RT Peeps! 👋

Sorry for not being active lately.

Anyway, I thought of something else to do aside from blogging.

If you are fond of reading different genres, then this is a good news for you. 😍

Don’t Be Disheartened

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If things are not working so well right now..

You’re not alone.

If you are experiencing some writer’s block, better yet take a break.

If you’re not getting any likes or comments lately, take a break as well.

It might be because you’ve been blogging something that needs to be improved.

Probably, you’re lacking on some areas.

Or they are just looking for something new to read.

Whatever that is,

Don’t be disheartened for you are not alone in this journey.

Perks You Get From Promoting

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Whether we like it or not, promoting also helps to inform people of what you do for a living.

Honestly speaking,

You won’t earn much for producing a good quality content alone.

It has to be advertised.

Whether you do it alone.


You pay for your social accounts to do it for you.

Whatever kind of social media you have, make use of it!

Your blog won’t be known for working hard and praying alone.

You need to make an effort to promote it.

Just so you know,

Whenever I promote something, I get a lot of views compare to the days that I stop doing it.

You could really tell.


So, would you promote your blog or you’ll just wish for a luck?

Comment below and share it with us the strategies you have done in promoting your blog.

Simply because,

What works for me doesn’t guarantee that it will work for others.

So, might as well ask other bloggers out there. 😉

Let’s go hand in hand in promoting our blog.

After all,

We are after the money and not just our passion alone.

Gracias! ☺

All contents are mine except for the provided photos, videos, and the like. If ever there is something I did violate in any way, whether it is a minor or major violation, please let me know. Thank you in advance! ❤

A Must Read To All Bloggers Out There

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Hello, Fellas!

I know and I completely understand of what is meant by being a blogger.

It’s hard.

It’s very challenging.

It is sometimes annoying.

And depressing.

That is why,

It’s hard to let go some piece of our writing.

Isn’t it true?

That after putting all your thoughts into words, you end up erasing portion of it in fear that your topic will be somewhere else.

I know, all of us have experienced something that we have already written.

But along the way, we’ve realized that though it was well-written, somehow it felt like it was no longer aligned or connected to our topic.

Or worst,

We somehow find ourselves speaking to another thing.

It took me some time to do it.

But later on, I appreciate that kind of habit.

For the fact that, my piece of writing becomes more direct without prolonging of what my topic is really all about.