Why You Need To Stop Being a Bobblehead Person?

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I know, it’s kinda embarassing to refuse to something.

However, if you know deep down in your heart that you cannot fulfill one’s promise or task, might as well forgo it.

It’s not like you are letting go of certain opportunities for your own growth and development.

But rather than expect someone or others from you, might as well be honest with them. And give it to others who can do better than you.

There’s this thing called your “Edge”.

Something that you are intrinsically good at. ✨

Everyone has that and I want you to do something that you can shine and excel on that.

Jack of all trades may be admirable at first, but for someone who masters none was such a pity and a shame.

In life, we need to do something to survive! 👊

Life is a game you should play fairly, but attentively or else you’ll lose a good opportunity.

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