A Must Read To All Bloggers Out There

Featured Image: Pexels

Hello, Fellas!

I know and I completely understand of what is meant by being a blogger.

It’s hard.

It’s very challenging.

It is sometimes annoying.

And depressing.

That is why,

It’s hard to let go some piece of our writing.

Isn’t it true?

That after putting all your thoughts into words, you end up erasing portion of it in fear that your topic will be somewhere else.

I know, all of us have experienced something that we have already written.

But along the way, we’ve realized that though it was well-written, somehow it felt like it was no longer aligned or connected to our topic.

Or worst,

We somehow find ourselves speaking to another thing.

It took me some time to do it.

But later on, I appreciate that kind of habit.

For the fact that, my piece of writing becomes more direct without prolonging of what my topic is really all about.