The K.S Of My Life

Featured Image: From This Website

I abbreviated Karmic Soulmate as K.S.

I accidentally read an article about Karmic Soulmates and the writer was so eloquent in differenting other kinds of soulmate.

And since I was so moved about the writer’s topic, I begun to reflect the existing person who just happened to be my Karmic Soulmate.

Years ago, I met someone anonymously on “EP” (Experience Project) before and now became a “Me Too” app. His account name that time was Ben.

If by any chance you’ll ever read this, I would to like to say thank you to an amazing friendship that we had.

We’ve been like a Pen pal. 💌

I have learned so much from you.

If ever you’ll be able to read this, my account name was MissBlue that time if you can still recall me.

The only last thing I knew was that,

He was heartbroken and because “Me Too” app had shut down, I lost touch with him.

How about you? Who is the karmic soulmate of yours?

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