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” Just write anything

One thing I vividly recall about my schoolteacher in Journalism class way back in highschool.

We were ask to write an essay whatever that comes to mind.

At first, I thought he was insane but as I get older, I came to realize that what he meant by that is some sort of “momentum” like once your brain started working,

Everything just pops out to mind without realizing that you started to have a mental diarrhea.

A term used for most writers when they get plenty of ideas out of brainstorming.

I honestly thought that everything was such a waste of time and energy to start a topic without any idea.

But at the end of the day…

I have come to realize that great ideas usually come from uncertainty that when we free our mind to possibilities, that’s when we naturally write the most!

Here’s to an unexpected journey of mine as a blogger.

Image: From This Website

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