Why A Murderer Continue To Live?

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Sorry for the sensitive issue,

I just badly need to post this.

Since somebody got killed in my province not so long ago.


Tragic Death

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Aside from crimes we have today,

I consider this as a “tragic death”.

Not being able to do what your heart’s desire.

Begin With The End Result In Mind

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I learned this from the book “Adulting 101.”

The author is trying to tell us that,

How do we want to be remembered by people.

How do we want to leave a mark after we depart on earth.

I myself always tell that…

If I will not do it now,


Our lives is too short to ask the same question over and over again.

You can never tell if you’ve got more time ’cause nobody on earth have predicted their own kind of death.

By simpy doing simple things would make a difference.

So, how do want others to cherish you?

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