While The Momentum Is Still There

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Have you ever wondered why your level of enthusiasm decreases each time you delay it?

That’s because your moment of wanting something had already passed.

That is why,

If you are in the mood to do a certain task…

Do as many as you can.


Because all of us gets bored.

There’s No Magic

Featured Image: Tenor

Or should I say,

There’s no shortcut to being a well-known blogger?

I myself imagined what it is like to be recognized and applauded by many.

Maybe, I’ll be doing a somersault in excitement or I’ll just roll all over the floor because of extreme happiness.

I don’t know.

I just loved the idea of being acknowledged for something I am truly good at.

The sad reality is that,

Being talented isn’t enough

Being brilliant isn’t the only criteria

And so and on!

The buttom line is,

Patience & Perseverance!

The ability to wait for your time to shine and the ability to be consistent in doing it, no matter what kind of hardships will be throwing at you.

If magic does exist,

Then all bloggers must have earned a lot. Must have also given a bigger spot.

The thing that I appreciate the most in blogging is that, all were made equal no matter what status you’re in.

Everyone will start from zero to one.

But nobody can ever outrun those who are focused and determined to what they are doing.

How about you? Do you want some shortcuts and be recognized for something you didn’t work hard enough?

Comment below!

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