So I got scammed this week & the experience was truly terrible!

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Please beware of buying online. Don’t just simply depend on their ratings ’cause the rate won’t tell you about the whole truth.

The saddest part of my experience is the fact that they still maintain a good ratings of 4.5/5.0.

Their secret is pretty simple.

50 % true to its picture, but some may lack in quality and 50 % has some good quality but obviously different in the photo they presented.

I understand that it is quite cheaper than other shops, but I still give it a try because of the high ratings they have reached which I never thought of being scammed.

The heart breaking part of this is, I bought everything in bulk just for me to lessen the cost of shipping.

But to my dismay, most of the items are completely different from the photos they presented.

From the color, texture and even its appearance are completely different from what you saw on their shop.

The process of return was insane and terrible. It is way harder than just placing an order. But I am working on it since I’ve lost thousands of money from a fraud shop.

I already reported the shop who did this to me and I am now taking the legal process, just way too hassle for me.

Really hoping to get my money back and the shop need to be penalized for making people believe that all their products were authentic and in good quality.

This is just the down side of ordering online for you do not really see the actual photo. Most of it were just edited and some may claim that it may only different in color because of the camera they used. But you can test it when you are being scammed by the seller once you receive them from the actual.

Sadly, refunding of money is at the hand of the seller. Some sellers are so nice and understanding.

There was one seller who sent my parcel with 2 lacking of items, but the seller mmediately refunded my money without having a second thought about it.

Whereas this seller had a very thick skin, that after sending them a video and photos for proof of my complain and concern they immediately disputed my request for return/refund of my orders.

But God is good, the provider of ecommerce for shopping online has the last say whether to grant my request or not.

What really saddens me now is the fact that they are so used to scamming people.

If ever you got scammed, don’t let your fear devour you. If you know how to order online, you must also learn to complain about your orders and address the issue to the right person-in-charge.

I know and I believe that karma will be on its way and that would teach them a lesson they’ll never forget.

Do not fear of waiting too long to process it. You just have to have a courage to reach them either by a live chat or an email.

Please be persistent in reaching out to them and always make a habit to do a follow-up. Just make sure that you keep everything with you such as the original packaging of your orders with complete details of course. And make sure that you have compiled all the needed evidences they need to see with regards to your complains. Make sure that the photo is in good quality to actually see the difference. Also keep in mind that you are asking for their help so be respectful all the time. Be honest with your concern and be direct to the point.

Think of it this way, the moment you keep silent it just means that you also didn’t care about other buyers.

I will not let this thing slide. I will still continue to send a hard evidence that they become accustomed to fraud and doing that kind of business shouldn’t be tolerated.

Their business permit must also be confiscated and removed their right to continue doing business online.

So what kind of a buyer are you?

The silent type or someone who knows how to fight for your right?

I know it was really stressful and time consuming on my part, but I’m still doing it anyway ’cause that’s part of being a buyer. So instead of just sitting around, kindly stand up and fight for your right.

If you are not going to do anything, for how long will you remain like that?

Even if it takes forever, at least you know to yourself that you are also doing it for the other potential buyers that wil shop from them.

TL; DR ( Too Long; Didn’t Read )

Ratings are not reliable
*please check for photos and comments as well
Practice your right and do a legal action about it
*fear or fraud, what will you choose?

Brutally Honest: Only Few Are Real Ones

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I hate to admit it, but that’s a reality.

If the person habitually do a “seen mode” to your messages or keeps on ignoring you for like forever,

That person is just sending you one thing…

She’s not interested at all.


Some people are only present in our lives just because they need something from us.

And once they already succeeded, that’s also the end of our connection with them.

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Plastic Wrapper

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This is not a thing.

But a person, rather.

I am not angry nor mad of why I include this on my blog.

This is just simply for someone who has got accustomed to be being a fake.

I know they are in pain.

That’s the sole reason, why they are faking it.

But the moment you habitually do that,

That’s no longer other’s fault.

That has already became a part of you.

So my only reason why I wrote this down is…to give hope that there’s always a choice.

It is up to you what to choose.

But I suggest that,

Instead of faking it, why not choose to be transparent?

After all,

It’s not about being weak.

It is about revealing yourself, so they may somehow understand you.

I know, all of us wear different faces everyday.

And there’s nothing wrong about it.

If it is about protecting yourself from cruel judgment…

Then, we’ll understand it.


If you are doing it just to take advantage…

Then, that’s a different story!

So while it is never too late,

Learn to fix yourself.

‘Cause you are the only key towards change.

No matter how caring and supporting the people around you,

If you don’t want to make any changes in your life…

All the caring for you, no longer add any value and impact to your life.

Plastic people will always be plactic. But for how long can they stay on that cage?

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Crocodile Tears

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Have you ever met someone who became so complacent about lying?

Well, we all do.

Today, I would like to share some of the red flags I myself experienced firsthand.

Though this is not a 100% guarantee that you will be able to catch the person if he in the first place already mastered the art of lying.

Meaning to say, he already got accustomed in making lies perhaps due to peer pressure, family expectations, and or high standards/ requirements either from school or work.

But the buttom line is, whether there’s a valid reason behind it or not, lying is never a good idea and shouldn’t be tolerated.

So without further ado, here are some techniques you can do about it:

  • Make an eye to eye contact

Do you know that according to psychology, the person who is not telling the truth cannot maintain an eye to eye contact?

You may also have observed that his body is shaking or his eyes are somewhere else because of thinking of other ways to reason out.

  • Know if he always acts like a victim

Be alert especially at times when a person acts in such a way that made you feel that you are the one attacking him without any basis or solid proof.

For some occasion, he may also do the “fake tears” thing in order to make you feel even worse!

Like you are the person who is a war freak who doesn’t even know how to discuss things in a nice and friendly manner.

Sounds ridiculous, right?

  • Does he make a lot of excuses?

Been there, done that!

And I know how it feels whenever someone is trying to cover up his made up lies.

In fact, I had known one who lied on me several times.

Though I cannot put everything here in details, but let me share with you how I get even more paranoid and suspicious about the way he lies.

The first thing I could vividly remember is that, he cannot get a job because of high requirements in working abroad.

Second, his family needs him more in the house so he gave up his dreams; also to give way for his brother to take his place for the meantime.

Third, he became fed up of trying because of so much failures and disappointments that he faced along the way.

He then blame me for being so concerned about him to the point of calling me such a nagger; giving him a lot of unsolicited advice and so and so forth.

Being in that kind of relationship is toxic and depressing.

But also keep in mind that this scenario does not only happen in relationship ’cause it could also happen even in family and friends who were driven by pride, jealousy, envy and the like, so you have to be more cautious of giving your trust away.

After all, not everyone can admit to themselves that they are at fault despite the fact of being caught.

I hope I was able to give the reader a clue or at least be of a great help to you to somehow ease your pain and heartache you might be struggling with, ’cause life is still beautiful no matter what.

Here are just some of the things I discovered along the way.

I know, there’s more of this to discuss, so feel free to share your ideas, and experiences with me and kindly leave a comment below.


PS: I’ve seen a nice video about crocodile tears, you might want to watch it.


All contents are mine except for the provided photos, videos, and the like. If ever there is something I did violate in any way, whether it is a minor or major violation, please let me know. Thank you in advance! ❤