Motivational Quotes From Jingle Jangle

Hello, RT Peeps! Today is Wednesday and as promise, I will be sharing some “Motivational Quotes” that will give you an extra push to get to where you want to be.

Last November 23, 2020 my sister and I watched Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey movie and surprisingly, got a perfect quote for all of you.

Featured Image: Netflix

The film tells us that you just have to believe, someone needed to believe and that is a hundred percent true, especially when we see someone is believing in our own capabilities. Regardless of its number…it will surely gives us the strength to keep doing what we think impossible.

“If you believe, it’s all possible”

The film has a sort of musical and fantasy. And there’s this lyrics that captured my attention.

” The square root of impossible is possible in me.”

In my own understanding, the thing that is holding us back is ourselves. As what the film told us that magic is already prepared for us. It’s probably been waiting for the right time when we are all ready enough.

Skills and talents were not gone. We are actually the ones who got lost and so with our faith in ourselves. If we truly want it to naturally come out, we have to keep telling ourselves that we can do it no matter what it takes.

I know, “Believe” maybe a simple word, but once we start to believe in ourselves nothing will ever be impossible.

If ever you guys are free and want to spend some quality time with your family especially on a Christmas day, I truly recommend this movie ’cause it is suitable for all ages.

Square Root of Possible by Madalen Mills

Feel free to read it’s full lyrics so you would know how beautiful the song is.

Most of the selected songs from the movie are danceable, uplifting, and has a lot of morals.

I bet, you’ll definitely miss being a child, where in there’s a lot of ambitions even imaginations about life.

It’s because in our childhood years, it is where we are often ready to do the things we truly wanted. Whatever people say to us, we only brushed it off until we try it.

You know, during our younger years we are honestly not afraid of anything; of trying things that we are unsure of.

We keep on trying and trying, not until we grew older and understand that life wasn’t such an easy one.

That is why I am recommending this for everyone to recall their childhood memories, especially the things that they still continue to believe despite its impossibilities.

After all, there’s nothing bad in trying.

Even though its fails, sooner or later we will all get things done and right.

I hope I was able to give some wisdom as well as courage to the one who’s now losing the power to believe in themselves.

If you were able to read my blog post…

What are the things you’ve done in your life that you thought impossible?

I am pretty sure that everyone has that moment where in, we’ve started to have doubts towards ourselves. But luckily was able to overcome it the moment we realized that there are people out there who still believe in us, which helps us to bring back our confidence and give it another try.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog post and that ends our topic for this week.

I’ll be sharing some current events by next week, so hang in there. God bless!

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