Overwhelming Feeling

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When you now get a lot of comments from strangers and your followers.

Just a month ago, I somehow got frustrated to receive no likes, no comments, no share to every blog post I published.

It felt like it was a waste of time for me.

But I did not lose hope.

I knew that this is just somekind of a birth of fire.

That since you are just a beginner, they are testing you of how far can you go for blogging.

How willing are you to spend most of your precious time to share and publish your gathered ideas.

If there is honestly one thing I’ve learned from that experience…

That is to make every of your blog post more engaging to people and be consistent in doing so.

Especially the fact that you are just a beginner, you have to give all your best so you can be recognized in no time!

See to it that your goal is not only to succeed, but also aim for others to succeed as well.

If your blog posts are somewhat helpful, entertaining, and likeable, I can assure you that your readers will come back and wait for your upcoming blog post to be published.

Recognize others’ work, too.

Let them know that their work not only existed. But more so, appreciated as well. ✨

Share all the knowledge you have.

Be selfless.

Be bold.

Be brave.

Through that, people will admire you more.

For they were able to see your soul.