Under The Sun

Featured Image: Pxleyes

We all want someone whom we can share and talk about anything under the sun.

Random topics

Embarassing moments

Our firsts

And so and so forth.

That’s because human beings are wired to communicate.

The saddest part is…

Those who cannot open up their struggles and problems towards their family end up being depressed and miserable.

Due to the influence of peer pressure, alcohols, sex, drugs and more to mention.

That’s why it is really important that we have a strong foundation of family.


Not everyone are blessed enough with good ones.

That’s why for some, it is so easy for them to do bad things ’cause their family wouldn’t even care.

Or worst,

They are the first people who made him/her that way.

On that note,

May we all learn to extend our hands for those who need our help the most.

Even the little things we do could save lives!

So, the next time around that somebody is asking a little favor from you,

Don’t be too quick to judge!

You’ll never know what the person is dealing with.

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