Not Heir, But Hire Myself to Something Great!

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No matter what happens, I could survive ’cause since day 1, I already planted on my mind that I am not up for my family’s wealth.

I am up to something bigger and brighter.

Something that I am proud to claim it!

Simply because I created a name for myself and not just to live in the shadows of my parents.

I created this blog post to raise an awareness to everyone and to serve this as an eye opener that regardless of status in life, everyone can dream big.

No one is stopping me from achieving my dream just because I grew up from a weathy family.

I want to prove them wrong.

I want to let the world know that, wishing something with no action is just merely a dream.

But a dream with consistent hard work, that is not just going to happen, but everything will become possible so long as you never stop aiming for that goal.

25 is no longer a young age.

The big change is about to happen and while waiting, I am enjoying the moment as a manager and a blogger at the same time.

How about you?

How do you want to change the mindset of people around you, that you also have bigger dreams and owning your parents wealth is actually not counted.

It’s just freely given by family’s tradition.

Comment below, if you also experienced the same thing.

Gracias! 😉

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