With A Grain Of Salt

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Have you ever got annoyed when someone takes something literal?

That their level of understanding is far from you?

As a result of that,

You were always misunderstood by your staff and coworkers.

Well, no worries ’cause it is not your problem.

As much as I don’t want to sound offensive to anyone…

Admit it or not

There are some people who has low I.Q or Intelligence Quotient.

And we have to respect that.

The least thing that we could ever do is to…

Accept others’ weaknesses.

Rather than rasing your expectation to be like you.


Breadth of Knowledge & Experience

I honestly wouldn’t do blogging without have that two.

It took me years before I was able to go out of my comfort zone.

Thanks to them, this made me stronger, bolder and even more wiser which led me to pursue blogging for the reasons that I read tons of book already and been to many places.

And just recently, I had this feeling that maybe it’s about time to share what I have learned along with my journey as a single woman who does everything just to improve herself for a better future.

After all, there’s nothing more to lose.

I remember, our thesis advisor in college once told us that the best way to not forget what we’ve learned is to spread it and make it known.

And I guess, he was absolutely right!

These two things are the needed elements for you to succeed in life.

Take these two with you as you embark your life’s journey and I assure you, you won’t be persuaded by anyone because education with proper training is something we should be proud of.

Whatever happens, we all know what we’re doing and we appear to be more confident about ourselves.

My only advice for the young youth today is to never stop learning.

Always be hungry for knowlege.

Don’t exchange your education for greed and material possesions.

Live with purpose.

Don’t waste your time and energy for nothing.

Every single day is a chance to learn.

Don’t take it for granted and share it generously with others.

That’s the true essence of being a good samaritan.

You might have the two elements, but a person with no good values and caring for others won’t ever succeed.

Lastly, never ever forget our roots.

No matter how successful we already are, keep that humility in our heart and mind.

Also never forget the people behind our success.

Whoever that is, always be grateful for them and keep yourself grounded.

Thank you so much, RT Peeps for always taking the time to read my blog post.

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