Better adopt a Teddy Bear over a Real Bear

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Whatever kind of pet you are adopting, I salute you!

However, if you are like me who at the moment cannot finance all the needs of live pet/s, might as well choose praticality over pride.

Since birth, I always love the idea of taking care of live pets. I even dreamt about having a bunch of dogs everywhere in the house. However, most of us in the family were allergic and sensitive. Though there are some live pets who are hypoallergenic, the idea of bringing a live pet in the house isn’t a joke. You have to at least hire someone to feed them, and to check after them ’cause most of us are away for work and other obligations.

So there, at this very moment I cannot adopt live pets ’cause I cannot cater all their needs yet.

Perhaps soon, but not too soon!

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Look In The Mirror

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With all the busy life here and there, we somehow fail to assess ourselves. As a result of that, we too failed to appreciate God’s gift to us.

May we take a pause from time to time ’cause taking a break is actually one way of restoring your energy, renewing your hope, and reviving your connection with the Lord.

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Breadth of Knowledge & Experience

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I honestly wouldn’t do blogging without have that two.

It took me years before I was able to go out of my comfort zone.

Thanks to them,

This made me stronger, bolder and even more wiser, which led me to pursue blogging…

For the reasons that I read tons of book already and been to a lot of places.


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is a person who suffers from insomnia

Since birth I already considered myself, Insomniac. For the reason that I often sleep short and can easily be awaken. Perhaps, that’s the reason why I am still short even today. *giggle*

Just to break the ice, are you happy having an inadequate sleep or always in sleep debt? Well, I hope not! For obvious reason, nobody likes the idea of being wide awake at night when everyone is already sleeping peacefully and soundly.

Well, the reason why I came up with this topic for today is because this is so timely, which I myself is currently experiencing.

To be honest, having an insomia is nothing new to me or to any other people out there. However, the side effects of not being able to sleep didn’t give much of an attention even today.

Anyway, as a newbie in this world of blogging, not only that I needed more time to be actively involved, but also needed to come up with various of topics ’cause only then will I be able to gather different sets of people around the globe. Of course, LGBTQ+ community are most welcome here. No discrimination ’cause all were given a privilege to share their own stories as well.

Let’s get started!

Insomnia by definition is a kind of sleeping disorder that is characterized by having a difficulty to sleep.

Isn’t it annoying if everything did not work for you to get asleep? I bet, I was not the only one who experienced that.

Mind you, having an insomia will not occur without any valid reasons, so let’s determine the real culprit behind it.

Below are some proven causes of insomia:

  • Meeting deadlines

Whether we admit it to ourselves or not, the word “deadline” often scares us out! Most especially if we’re having trouble balancing our life and at the same time, figuring out what works best which in the long run made it harder for us to rest our mind even at night.

In a nutshell: Do it a head of time. Make a time plan if you must.

  • Such a worrier

Sadly, despite the fact that some problems haven’t occurred yet, we already tortured ourselves by feeding a lot of negativity in our mind.

In a nutshell: Take it easy. Worrying woldn’t help. Do only what you are capable of doing.

  • Too much in take of caffeine

I know and I completely understand why coffee is also good for the brain. However, consuming it more than what’s neccessary is some form of self-sabotaging. Not only that the palpitation of your heart beats faster beyond the normal speed, but also it will keep you awake for the entire night.

In a nutshell: Only drink coffee between morning and afternoon. Camomile tea helps you relax and improves your sleeping habits if you regularly take it.

Insomia may not be of a big deal to you, but your body suffers the most! So please honor and respect your body. After all, we only have one life. On that note, it is never too late to correct and create a balance in your lifestyle.

PS: If you still cannot sleep, why not listen to “Insomia” music video🎡 of Craig David and enjoy the rest of the night. 😁 How about that? 😍

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Video Game: Bad or Not

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Seriously, who doesn’t want to play?!

Everyone loves playing ’cause not only that it is fun, but it also frees us from all the stress we’re currently dealing with.

Now, let me go straight to the point, is video game a real bad thing?

Not at all!

I believe, everything is made for a good cause. The only thing that makes it bad is when a video game now rules your life! #addiction

I strongly believe that those who were getting more addicted by a certain video game are one, jobless; two, teenager; three, depressed; four, has social phobia; and many more.

My next question is, how will you overcome your addiction if you are one of them?

I’ll tell you real quick!

  1. If you are jobless right now, then don’t stop searching! And while you are in search of your passion and desire, make yourself busy. Do some chores. Fulfill something that you failed doing from the past. Always have a goal, even the smallest thing would do.
  2. If you are a teenager right now, I suggest that you take some time to improve yourself whether you want to develop a skill or hone your talent. Teenager is the best stage of life where you are supposed to enjoy and live a stress-free life! Besides, video game isn’t the only fun to do. Go out and explore! Learn to engage with people. Conquer your stage fright. Find and read a book that you enjoy most. Make friends. Study well. Just do what you must do as a young teenager. And if you failed, C’est La Vie! You are too young for you to be stressed-out, so might as well do not dwell on that so much.
  3. If you are currently depressed now, always remember that you are not alone. All around the globe, everyone gets to experience countless of highs and lows, so instead of comsuming all your energy from a game, why not use that energy for productivity. Isn’t it a good idea? Make use of your time. Make use of resources. Connect with people. Entertain yourself. Go out. Talk with nature. Attend seminars and workshops to keep your mind busy. Don’t fake smile, but rather make it a habit to compliment yourself. This is not fooling around, but hearing good words from yourself is a pleasant feeling, after all. It sets your mood and even uplifts your spirit. Also, helps you boost your confidence and even if you are not good at everything, I believe that there are a few things that you know to yourself that you are truly good at. Show it! Be proud and be grateful for the blessings of the Lord. Remember, the enemy of depression is yourself. So whatever you put into your mind, reflects! So only say good things to yourself. Let me remind you that it is also pretty normal and okay to get depressed, but know that it is just a phase. Ride on it, but don’t ever let yourself be stucked from there.
  4. If you are having a social phobia, good news! Everbody has a phobia. Nobody doesn’t! One way to conquer it is to start with only few audience, specifically your family, friends and those whom you are more comfortable with. Keep in mind that not everyone will going to agree with you. All you have to do is to practice acceptance every now and then. If you can engage with a game you play, how much more with the people around you. People are designed to communicate. Be free. Be open to possibilities. Brush off all the negative criticism, yet also learn to accept and entertain constructive criticism. In the long run, you will be the one to benefit from it. I know, having social phobia is hard to outgrow, but there is no impossible with the one who is willing to go out from her shell. Know your comfort zone, but also know when you need to come out. Life doesn’t end there. Develop a sense of self-worth, self-acceptance and most of all, a self-love. I guess, it all boils down in loving ourselves first before we engage ourselves with different sets of people.

I am honestly not a licensed writer nor did I had a proper schooling or workshops in writing. But I feel the need to speak up and share what’s on my mind. I might probably be able to save one’s life. So whoever is reading this, I hope I had been of a great help to you. Whatever you are and who you are, the only thing that matters in life is how we deal with life. How we make time for our family, friends, our constant, ourselves and most of all, God. I hope all of us will give an impactful mark once we are to depart from the earth. And not just video gaming all we want. The world needs not only a single person, but every person must help hand in hand.

Before you say anything, you are most welcome! It is my pleasure to give hope and extend their lives on earth. After all, we only live once. More than anything to say, it is also a privilege to live in a world where everything is at the tips of our fingers, so use it wisely so that our Almighty Father will thank us, too. God bless and keep safe everyone!

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Crocodile Tears

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Have you ever met someone who became so complacent about lying?

Well, we all do.

Today, I would like to share some of the red flags I myself experienced firsthand.

Though this is not a 100% guarantee that you will be able to catch the person if he in the first place already mastered the art of lying.

Meaning to say, he already got accustomed in making lies perhaps due to peer pressure, family expectations, and or high standards/ requirements either from school or work.

But the buttom line is, whether there’s a valid reason behind it or not, lying is never a good idea and shouldn’t be tolerated.

So without further ado, here are some techniques you can do about it:

  • Make an eye to eye contact

Do you know that according to psychology, the person who is not telling the truth cannot maintain an eye to eye contact?

You may also have observed that his body is shaking or his eyes are somewhere else because of thinking of other ways to reason out.

  • Know if he always acts like a victim

Be alert especially at times when a person acts in such a way that made you feel that you are the one attacking him without any basis or solid proof.

For some occasion, he may also do the “fake tears” thing in order to make you feel even worse!

Like you are the person who is a war freak who doesn’t even know how to discuss things in a nice and friendly manner.

Sounds ridiculous, right?

  • Does he make a lot of excuses?

Been there, done that!

And I know how it feels whenever someone is trying to cover up his made up lies.

In fact, I had known one who lied on me several times.

Though I cannot put everything here in details, but let me share with you how I get even more paranoid and suspicious about the way he lies.

The first thing I could vividly remember is that, he cannot get a job because of high requirements in working abroad.

Second, his family needs him more in the house so he gave up his dreams; also to give way for his brother to take his place for the meantime.

Third, he became fed up of trying because of so much failures and disappointments that he faced along the way.

He then blame me for being so concerned about him to the point of calling me such a nagger; giving him a lot of unsolicited advice and so and so forth.

Being in that kind of relationship is toxic and depressing.

But also keep in mind that this scenario does not only happen in relationship ’cause it could also happen even in family and friends who were driven by pride, jealousy, envy and the like, so you have to be more cautious of giving your trust away.

After all, not everyone can admit to themselves that they are at fault despite the fact of being caught.

I hope I was able to give the reader a clue or at least be of a great help to you to somehow ease your pain and heartache you might be struggling with, ’cause life is still beautiful no matter what.

Here are just some of the things I discovered along the way.

I know, there’s more of this to discuss, so feel free to share your ideas, and experiences with me and kindly leave a comment below.


PS: I’ve seen a nice video about crocodile tears, you might want to watch it.


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Public Display of Affection

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While it is pretty normal to show affection to your loved ones, there are certain limitations you need to consider.

First, know your place.

Regardless of the fact that you live or used to live in a liberated country, keep in mind that not all people around you are comfortable enough by it.

Second, always try to set a good example to everyone ’cause what other sees in you might encourage them to do the same thing.

Let’s not forget that we are great influencers through our words and actions, so let’s try to be more vigilant from now on.

Third, better safe than sorry.

Whether you mind it or not, social media can be used against you.

They could even threaten your life or career.

So, I suggest that you wouldn’t risk everything just for one thing. – PDA

All contents are mine except for the provided photos, videos, and the like. If ever there is something I did violate in any way, whether it is a minor or major violation, please let me know. Thank you in advance! ❀