Mental: Diarrhea & Constipation

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Did you know these terms?

If yes, come back some other time for my other new blog posts.

Kidding aside,

I just discovered these terms many years ago and these terms are most commonly used by writers.

And it goes this way.

Mental diarrhea is oftenly used when all the ideas are coming in just one sitting.

They just can’t help, but to write as many words as they can for as long as the thought is there.

So whatever that comes to mind,

They hurriedly write it down.

In short,

It doesn’t need a lot of work because it naturally comes out without you even forcing it.

On the other hand,

Mental costipation feels like you are stucked in one topic or two and you just don’t know how to begin with.

You tried so hard to stay focused, wishing that all the magic words will soon come out.

Image: From This Website

But not a single word ever did!

And that’s it!

Whether we are a writer or not,

We did experience it.

Didn’t we?

I hope I made myself clear and most of all, you enjoyed reading my blog post as much as I do.

Please do leave us a comment and share it with us your funny moments in experiencing these two.

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