Plastic Wrapper

Featured Image: Giphy

This is not a thing.

But a person, rather.

I am not angry nor mad of why I include this on my blog.

This is just simply for someone who has got accustomed to be being a fake.

I know they are in pain.

That’s the sole reason, why they are faking it.

But the moment you habitually do that,

That’s no longer other’s fault.

That has already became a part of you.

So my only reason why I wrote this down is…to give hope that there’s always a choice.

It is up to you what to choose.

But I suggest that,

Instead of faking it, why not choose to be transparent?

After all,

It’s not about being weak.

It is about revealing yourself, so they may somehow understand you.

I know, all of us wear different faces everyday.

And there’s nothing wrong about it.

If it is about protecting yourself from cruel judgment…

Then, we’ll understand it.


If you are doing it just to take advantage…

Then, that’s a different story!

So while it is never too late,

Learn to fix yourself.

‘Cause you are the only key towards change.

No matter how caring and supporting the people around you,

If you don’t want to make any changes in your life…

All the caring for you, no longer add any value and impact to your life.

Plastic people will always be plactic. But for how long can they stay on that cage?

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