The moment I started Blogging

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To tell you honestly, I still don’t know how to monetize my blog.

Everything seems surreal to me and I just begun blogging a week ago.

So while everything is new to me, I explore WordPress App for the meantime.

Perhaps, some of you may wonder why I kept posting.

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Well, here are some facts that I want you all to know.

First and foremost,

Procastination is inevitable. Whether we like it or not, our brain also needs to shutdown. What I meant by that is, we also need to take some time off.

That’s why, I post as much as there is something I am motivated and inspired to write about. So when the time comes that I need to take a break, I can freely do so.

I honestly believe that all of us need to go out and explore life.

I completely understand that we love the idea of sitting down with ease while blogging.

But one day, you’ll also missed being away for some quite time.

Blogging will always be a part of our life. However, we cannot take control whoever will unfollow us, that is why you have to atleast build a strong connection with them. So while you are away, they will always be reminded of your good craft.

And who knows,

The moment you go back, everyone’s waiting for your new blog post to be shared.

I know, that’s the hardest and crucial part of blogging, but I find it quite fun and challenging.

The next one that I would like you to know is that, my birth month is September, which is why I write tons of topic so you won’t be missing be me.

Kidding aside,

I just want you all to know that I am taking a 5-day birthday leave by next week, so expect that I’ll be offline in a couple of days.


The moment I started blogging, I give up some of my leisure time for the reason that I want to focus on my craft, which is writting.


How about you?

What are the things that you set aside for the meantime the moment you started to prioritize blogging?

Comment below!

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