When was the last time you had a heart to heart conversation?

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This is something we don’t usually do, most especially when our mind is always occupied with a lot of things.

Expectant Mom

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Who doesn’t want a baby? Everyone loves babies!

The real question is, can you now cater all their needs?

Reaching at a certain age doesn’t mean you have to do it now, otherwise you’re gonna regret after.

Ladies, I know most of us were pressured about the society we live in. But if we cannot do the changing to our society, then why should we?

Why are we letting the society control and dictate over our needs and desires? I know, babies are the best thing God ever created for expectant mothers out there. However, just because somebody in your clan or in your neighborhood gets married and have children, you also need to do the same thing.

Darling, we are all different! Some are not just meant to carry babies in their womb. And just because they are not the one who makes babies doesn’t mean they cannot be called mothers.

The word “Mother” isn’t only for the one who gets pregnant and bring babies in the family.

In a bigger picture, a mother is whom who gives provision to your daily needs. It could be a sister who acts as the breadwinner in the family. It could also be someone who adopts you. Whatever that is, the word “mother” is not limited by definition alone, but by how much of what she could do to make the world a better place to live.

That’s the real essence of a mother – always willing to do sacrifice all for her children.

I, myself honestly can now picture of what a good mother is. However, at this very moment, though picturing myself as an expectant mother would be a nice thing, it would be best if I end up well-prepared in terms of emotional, spiritual and most of all, financial support.

It is because…

being a mother

isn’t a one-time obligation,

but a lifetime.

So if you also feel that you are not ready enough by all means, I suggest that you give it some time until the time becomes right for you! 🌹

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