Just Like A Normal Person

Featured Image: Tenor

Recently, my sister and I went to SM Makati just to buy some personal stuff. And once we’re done, we immediately proceeded to the waiting area for our parents to pick us.

Shockingly, we seated right next to one of our deans way back in college.

We honestly want to talk to her, but didn’t get a chance to do so ’cause she was sitting there alone…silently.

She might be thinking of something else or was too tired for her weekend activities.

We’ve been trying really hard to get notice by her, unfortunately his son came in and seated right next to her.

So we just observed them talking with each other.

We are not actually eavesdropping ’cause they are just an inch away from us, so we really could hear what they are talking about.

As the conversation went on, I just realized one thing.

Through her persence, it felt like she’s just a normal kind of person.

Just like everyone else!

The only thing that separates us from her is…her position and nothing else!

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