I had been wanting to sit beside the window

Featured Image: Pexels

When I was a child, I love looking out the window.

You know why?

‘Cause back then, I am not allowed to go outside.

I remember, I always cry whenever my parents don’t allow me to go out.

I often ask myself, why I can’t live like normal kids out there?

And even today, I still can’t go out alone.

At the age of 25, I guess you can now do things freely without your parents’ permission.

But I was wrong.

Everything remained just the same.

To be honest, it’s really frustrating, tiring and suffocating to have such parents like them.

But along the way, I have realized one thing.

No parents want their children to be in trouble.

Though, there are some who could do that to their own blood and flesh.

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