Better adopt a Teddy Bear over a Real Bear

Featured Image: From This Website

Whatever kind of pet you are adopting, I salute you!

However, if you are like me who at the moment cannot finance all the needs of live pet/s, might as well choose praticality over pride.

Since birth, I always love the idea of taking care of live pets. I even dreamt about having a bunch of dogs everywhere in the house. However, most of us in the family were allergic and sensitive. Though there are some live pets who are hypoallergenic, the idea of bringing a live pet in the house isn’t a joke. You have to at least hire someone to feed them, and to check after them ’cause most of us are away for work and other obligations.

So there, at this very moment I cannot adopt live pets ’cause I cannot cater all their needs yet.

Perhaps soon, but not too soon!

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