Why 2gether: The Series is worth watching?

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Ever wondered why this series became a hit? Well, you are at the right place ’cause I am about to tell you what made this series touched many lives.

First, the most obvious one is the fact that it talks about LGBT community where it shows an acceptance to someone’s sexual orientation. Regardless of gender, he/she is still a human who also has feelings. In addition to that, this Thai TV series show that being gay or liking someone of the same gender doesn’t mean it is a bad thing. It is just not normal for other people to see. Through this, viewers were taught that it is not wrong to like someone of the same gender. I believe that it is not even their own choice to become like that, but rather it is God’s plan. Even though we are still young and innocent, people can already see several signs that this child maybe gay or lesbian by just observing his or her behavior. Some people cannot just handle the fact that it turned that way and continue to hope that he/she will magically change once they’ve become attracted to an opposite sex. But I’ll tell you, no matter how much effort you’ve tried to avoid it, if it is bound to happen, it will happen.

Why God chose them to be different?

Probably to teach us to have some kind of respect and not just an acceptance for one another. To know that your worth was actually not measured by your own sexual preference, but rather by how well you treat others and that is what truly matters to our great creator.

Second, it talks about insecurities. Male, female or someone in between has that. It just goes to show that being in a relationship does not mean would make you stronger. ‘Cause at the end of the day, no matter how your partner try to love you, protect you or save you, if you alone have no confidence for yourself as well as your trust for your partner, then you need to focus on yourself first instead of staying in a relationship. Not only that this will give you a lot of stress, but you will also put a lot of damage/harm to the person who gives nothing but his time and love for you. I know, having someone is a nice thing for it makes us giddy. But if you think that you are immature and cannot handle things, better yet not entertain any form of relationships at the meantime. Thus, I strongly believe that…

Being in a relationship shouldn’t make you feel small, but rather will boost your own self. It should also be a team who doesn’t hide anything for one another.

To have a kind of long lasting relationship, there should be trust for one another. I am not saying that you have to be complacent or act like a fool. I am just saying that maybe it is just your own insecurities that is destroying the relationship. Maybe you need to trust more and do more towards your partner. You see, relationship wouldn’t survive if one person remains to be weak. If you want a happy and long lasting relationship, do something about it. Fight for your love. Open up. And don’t just conclude that you fully understand everything you see or hear. Give the person at least the benefit of the doubt to make the relationship work; to make it last. 💞

Sometimes, good relationships are already there at our hands. However, if you were full of insecurities towards yourself, you will not be able to see it. You will always appear to be the victim in the relationship. But in the end, truth will prevail. ☝

One day, when you are already matured enough, you’ll know that what relationship truly needs is just a little bit of trust. If you cannot trust your own self worth, that is really going to be a lot of hard work to trust the other.

Sometimes, we are just eaten by our own emotions. We can’t think well and thus, more often than not, we are the ones who’s at fault. 💔

By the way, this is also not to say that you have to keep the relationship going if you are no longer happy and confident about this relationship. If you have been physically and emotionally abused, of course, that’s a different story from having trust issues in the relationship. I know, oftentimes, we easily assume that seeing your partner to be with the opposite sex is better for that is what the thing that is acceptable to our society. But if the person you love is telling you that it is just nothing, then you better believe it. Not unless it is pretty obvious that this person is cheating on you, then you must leave. But again, if it is just in your head, why not give it a little bit of patience and trust to prove that his love for you is pure and genuine. 😍

After all, creating a beautiful relationship doesn’t happen overnight.

You need to work hard for it!

Lastly, is pride. You see, whenever we are hurt, we appear to be as strong and as ready just like everyone else. We try to accept responsibilities when in fact, we are not earning money yet, but simply relying on the allowance given by our parents or relatives. Whenever we are hurt, we want to skip level 1 to be at level 100 ’cause we feel that someone is looking down on us. I tell you, people maybe mean to you, but to be honest, you are hurting because that’s a fact! Instead of wallowing yourself in sorrow, why not use that hurt or pain into a kind of motivation to study and work even harder. To think for your future self and not to go easy on life. Life is such a pain. Teenage life is shorter, so while you are still enjoying your youth, as early as now, start by doing something right. It could be by simply attending classes, submitting school requirements, honing your talent, knowing yourself better, and the like.

One day, all the people who looked down on you will know that they have wronged you. Again, use that pain in creating yourself for something great, rather than choosing to be weak; locking yourself in the room; and or taking a lot of alcohols just to not feel anything. Just to feel that through drinking, you hope that all the hurting will be gone too soon. But nope, the reality is there. It won’t be gone. You just covered it up, so instead of fooling yourself and feeling bad, why not take it as a lesson? Take it into another challenge. Learn to embrace new things ’cause in life, there is nothing permanent. You need to be flexible in every way!

These are some of the things that I like about watching this TV series. I hope and pray that you get the point of this sharing and that is, to accept yourself fully without seeking any validation from others, to reduce and get rid of your own insecurites, to put your guard down and lessen your pride. All of these are connected to mental health. Try to condition your mind in a healthy matter where in, you will be able to see positive things about yourself; that you are not competing with anyone. You are just simply making some improvement for your own self and lastly, you will take that insult as a motivation to prove them wrong. 👊

Now, I would love to hear from you why this Thai TV series is worth watching for the youth? If you’ve watched this series, what scene has strucked you the most and realize that though it is somewhat offensive, it has a point.

Let’s all remember than constructive criticism is different from bashing.

Feel free to comment below and thank you for taking the time to read my blog for today. ❤ God bless! 🙏

You’re not broken. You’re just single!

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It is indeed true that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

As I age, I appreciate the kind of life I am receiving as a single woman.

It is not because I am not lovable, it is just because I have a lot of stuff to still work on.

You see, as you age things become even more complicated.

And being in a relationship feels like a chore, too.

That is not exaggerating, but that’s a reality.

Being in a relationship means you also have to devote your time and energy for someone you’re committed to.

So if you think you wouldn’t exist without having a partner of your dreams?

Think again. You are just overreacting.

You’re not broken. You’re just single!

So come to your senses and focus on the things that truly matter in your life.

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Is Chivalry Dead?

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I would like to believe that it is not dead.

It is just that nowadays, only few men were able to appreciate the concept of courting.

Most men assumed that once they already got into a relationship with women means that all their courting has to stop.

They are forgetting that we women think differently and we obviously wanted to be loved by how we want it to be.

The saddest reality is that, they are giving away their love to us for the expectation that they, too will be loved back the way they wanted it to be.

So again, is chivalry dead?

Absolutety not!

Most men are just obviously clueless on how to properly keep a woman in their life.

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Something to Ponder on

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I met someone in my life that I thought this person would last.

But after a year, I just realized that some people just come and go to teach us something in life.

I have also learned that just because you care for someone, doesn’t mean you have to give up everything to please a person.

If that person has a high respect for you, this person will also listen to you without a second thought.

I guess, this person’s part has already ended for I already learned a lot from him.

Maybe our only common denominator is helping one soul to get through our boring days.

How about you? Who’s the first person that comes to mind?

Comment below!

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The K.S Of My Life

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I abbreviated Karmic Soulmate as K.S.

I accidentally read an article about Karmic Soulmates and the writer was so eloquent in differenting other kinds of soulmate.

And since I was so moved about the writer’s topic, I begun to reflect the existing person who just happened to be my Karmic Soulmate.

Years ago, I met someone anonymously on “EP” (Experience Project) before and now became a “Me Too” app. His account name that time was Ben.

If by any chance you’ll ever read this, I would to like to say thank you to an amazing friendship that we had.

We’ve been like a Pen pal. 💌

I have learned so much from you.

If ever you’ll be able to read this, my account name was MissBlue that time if you can still recall me.

The only last thing I knew was that,

He was heartbroken and because “Me Too” app had shut down, I lost touch with him.

How about you? Who is the karmic soulmate of yours?

Comment below!

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Microwave Lovers

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I guess, this is the most controversial topic of today’s generation.


What does it really mean by that?

No Perfect Tool

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Is work-life balance really easy?


There will be days that you gave all your energy and strength for that particular matter.

And then, the next day you feel like you already have mastered the art of multitasking.

You feel like a superhero.

Not realizing that, yes you did everything all at once.

But, how about the quality that you put on that matter?

Sometimes, in life it’s not about getting things done all at once.

It’s about getting a certain thing done without error.

In relation to work-life balance, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to give them the same amount of time and effort.

But rather, know your priorities.

What are your goals?

Are you committed to it?

If that’s the case, you have to choose!


Your health and relationship will be the one to suffer.

Making decision is the hardest part, for there has to be clarity.

No clarity?

Means, no focus on the goals you desire to achieve.

On that note,

There is no perfect tool for everything.

Those are just guidelines on how to manage your struggles.

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Why This Should Be Your Relationship Goals?

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Looking back in my younger years, the things that had hurt me the most no longer bothers me now.

It’s funny how we cried so much thinking that we already knew about everything and feels like it’s already the end of the world.

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Public Display of Affection

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While it is pretty normal to show affection to your loved ones, there are certain limitations you need to consider.

First, know your place.

Regardless of the fact that you live or used to live in a liberated country, keep in mind that not all people around you are comfortable enough by it.

Second, always try to set a good example to everyone ’cause what other sees in you might encourage them to do the same thing.

Let’s not forget that we are great influencers through our words and actions, so let’s try to be more vigilant from now on.

Third, better safe than sorry.

Whether you mind it or not, social media can be used against you.

They could even threaten your life or career.

So, I suggest that you wouldn’t risk everything just for one thing. – PDA

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