3 Necessities Before You Change Your Last Name To Him

Settling down means you are taking your life into a big chapter.

And marriage is not something you could throw up once you’ve become fed up of your partner.

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‘Cause the truth is…

In marriage, there’s no turning back.

If marriage did not work, you may file a divorce to end your marriage.

But in some other countries like here in the philippines, it is not yet fully been approved.

Cause it is said to be that our country is a pro-family.

They believed that, legalizing a divorce in our country would mean encouraging many citizens to have broken families.

Well, that’s their say.

Which is why, the process of annulment (or to void the marriage) takes a lot of time, effort and of course, money.


People think that marriage was an easy task so long as both individuals are head over heels (or madly deeply in love) with each other.

I know, I am in no position to say this, but let me share with you some of the things you need to consider before settling down.

Aside from having the man of your dreams (e.g. financially stable, single with endearing personalities, etc ).

Getting a stable job.

Being able to find your own self.

Being able to achieve your dreams.

Most of all,

Being physically, emotionally and financially ready…

You need to remember these 3 golden rules before deciding to live with him.


By tradition especially here in the philippines, a man needs to ask a permission from the family of his woman before living together.

Meaning to say, he needs to marry her either through a civil or a church wedding; or can do both.

‘Cause I honestly believe that…

If a man has a high respect to you and to your family,

Legalizing the union must also be his top priority for it is the most important family tradition regardless of religion.

Not only that, it also serves as a blessing from above (God) if both of you will have a legal union.


The man must be able to buy you a lot (or a land) to prove to the family of his woman that he can be a good provider in the context of marriage.

Not just having the qualities of a family man or a husband material.

On that note, a good provider is the epitome of manliness.

If the man is not capable of providing for the family, it is better to live single.

Cause a marriage without sustainability will not survive.


For obvious reason, married life means you are ready enough to create a family of your own at your own house as husband and wife.

In my own perspective, size doesn’t really matter. As long as there’s enough space to start a family of your own, that won’t be an issue.

And lastly,

The most obvious one is of course, a house.

Something we could proudly say that we owned it.

C’mon guys, don’t you think that we have the right to manage our own house the way we want it to be?

Please pardon me for I have to separate the lot from a house.

‘Cause sadly,

Not everyone can easily build you a house compare to buying you a lot.

In most cases,

Men offered you a lot for thinking that they can magically build a house with you in an instant.

Not even realizing that building a house takes time which needs to be taxed and insured (not mandatory but still essential) as well.


It can be taken away from you and your new family at any moment.

If you have acquired these 3 significant factors, I guess everything else will follow.

What do you think, Ladies?

Anyway, what for you are the things that will make you change your mind in order to settle down?

Please leave a comment below and share it with us your kind of point of view with regards to marriage.

Thank you for patiently reading my lengthy post, RT Peeps. God bless!

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Food Poisoning

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Every single day, you’ll see a lot of gatherings and celebrations everywhere.

And whether it’s a small or a big celebration, that doesn’t exempts them from spoilage.

Since the preparation is quite long, it is no wonder that they may have overlooked the conditions of every food they prepared.

Assuming that the preparation is done properly,

Food poisoning can still happen.

It may vary from the rapid change of room temperature or the way that the food is served.

So to avoid being a victim of food poisoning, it is better to be vigilant enough in choosing a food you’ll eat.

I guess, it also helps to determine a food from spoilage if you’re very much familiar with its appearance and smell.

That helps a lot. I swear!

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Standing Out From The Crowd

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The most basic thing that you must know for you to standout is to be…

Awesomely Different! 😉

That is why we encourage the youth to produce an original work.

I know, it takes a lot of time for you to be recognized.

However, if you are being consistent in producing original content, I guess it could take you anywhere.

Fame doesn’t make you rich, but authenticity is!

So keep in mind that for you to outshine yourself from the crowd, you have to learn and somehow master the act of loving your own strength and capabilities.

Enhance it and make money out of it.

Be passionate!

Everything else will follow if you treat yourself nicely enough.

So how about you? What have you done for you to standout from the crowd?

Comment below!

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SOCIAL MEDIA: Can Either Make Or Break You

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While it can be a tool for you to succeed in life, let’s keep in mind that whatever you post online can either make or break you.

I know, with the help of social media we get to make money out of it.

Though the competition is quite deadly, at least you can make money without the need to go out (online).

So in short, social media has some practicality benefits on your behalf and only if you know well on how to run a website.

But do you know what hidden fact that could break you?

Your Identity

Most of our data are being used by them. That is why, we keep reminding everyone not to register on website that you’re not familiar with and not searchable. In most cases, they are scammers…that is the sole reason why they are hiding.

Apart from that, don’t give your identity way too much specifically your contact number, not unless it’s for business purposes. Don’t display on social media your exact home address as well.

But here’s the real thing, as much as possible avoid syncing your photos on social media. Not unless you can assure yourself that you are taking pictures that would not destroy your reputation as individual if ever uploaded online.

Keep in mind that whatever that has been uploaded on social media will remain there forever. A deleted file can still be retrieved, so please be cautious in sharing everything online.

How about you? Are you a responsible internet user?

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Even though, rain gives us a relaxing feeling. May we take things seriously especially when it comes to our safety.

As you can see, there’s a lot of accident that happen along the road, so we keep reminding everyone to drive safely.

Don’t drink and drive.

No to overspeeding.

If you feel sleepy, put your vehicle from the side of the lane.

At least take a nap for a couple of minutes.

Don’t underestimate the power nap.

Not only that, it lets you rest your mind, but it gives you a sense of focus after napping.

Plus, it refuels your energy. Promise!

I remember, when I was still in college, I used to take a nap…a lot!

And it never failed to give me that extra push for the day!

So how about you? How do you manage to give yourself or your family a safe ride?

Comment below!

All contents are mine except for the provided photos, videos, and the like. If ever there is something I did violate in any way, whether it is a minor or major violation, please let me know. Thank you in advance! ❤