So I recently got scammed and the experience was truly terrible!

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Please beware of buying online. Don’t just simply depend on their ratings ’cause the rate won’t tell you about the whole truth.

The saddest part of my experience is the fact that they still maintain a good ratings of 4.5/5.0.

Their secret is simple.

50 % true to its picture, but some may lack in quality and 50 % has some good quality, but obviously different in the photo they presented.

I understand that it is quite cheaper than any other shops, but I still give it a try since their ratings were high enough that I never thought of being scammed.

The heart breaking part of this is, I bought everything in bulk just for me to lessen the cost of shipping.

But to my dismay, most of the items were completely different from the color, texture and even its appearance.

And the process of return/refund was such as hassle. It is way harder than just placing an order. But I am still pushing it since I’ve lost thousands of money from a fraud shop.

No worries ’cause I already reported the shop who did this and I am taking the legal process, just way too long.

Really hoping to get my money back and the shop must be penalized for making people believe that all their products were authentic and in good quality.

Well, obviously this is just the down side of ordering online ’cause you don’t really see the actual item.

And the saddest part of it is that, it was edited and many sellers used to claim that it may be slightly different in color because of the camera they used. But you can tell it immediately when you are being scammed by the seller once you received your orders.

Sadly, refunding of money in on the end of the seller and you are lucky enough to meet other sellers who are so nice and understanding.

I remember, there was one seller who sent my parcel with a 2 lacking of items and the seller immediately refunded my money without having a second thought about it.

I know, the process of refund may take long. But at least it has been approved immediately. No need for you to make any drama just to convince him/her that you have not receive the 2 remaining items. I just simply send some proof and in less than a hour, the seller did cooperate to my concerns.

Whereas, this seller had a very thick skin that after sending a video and several photos for proof of my complain, the seller heartlessly disputed my request for return/refund of my orders.

Good thing, the provider of ecommerce for online shopping has the last say whether to grant my request or not.

But what really saddens me now is the fact that the shop was so used to scamming people.

If ever you got scammed, don’t let your fear devour you. If you know how to order online, you must also know how to address your concerns to the right people. Look for customer service and search for their official email address and some offer a live chat with their agent, so they can immediately hear your concerns.

I know and I believe that karma will be on its way and that would teach them a lesson they’ll never forget.

Do not fear of waiting too long to process it. You just have to have a courage to contact them. It is really up to you. Just be persistent in reaching out to them and always make a habit to do a follow-up.

Also make sure that you keep everything with you, such as the original packaging of your orders with complete details, of course. And make sure that you have compiled all the needed evidence that they need to see with regards to your complain. Additionally, make sure that the photo is in good quality to easily determine the problem.

More importantly, keep in mind that you are asking for their help, so be respectful whenever you can.

Be honest with your concern and be direct to the point. Don’t talk way too long since they are dealing with tons of complain every minute or hour.

To assist you immediately, give now the order ID of the package you have concern with. They may also ask for your email address that you are using for them to check and to also cope up with you.

Very time consuming, right?

Just think of it this way, the moment you keep silent…

It just means that you also do not care about other buyers.

That is why, I will not let this thing slide. I will still continue to send a hard evidence that they become accustomed to fooling people and doing that kind of business shouldn’t be tolerated.

Their business permit must also be confiscated and be banned from doing business online.

So what kind of a buyer are you?

The silent type or someone who knows how to fight for your right?

I know it was really stressful and time consuming, but I’m still doing it anyway ’cause that’s part of being a buyer. So instead of just sitting around, kindly stand up and fight for your right.

If you’re not going to do anything, how long would you bear it?

Even if it takes forever, at least you know to yourself that you are also doing it for the other potential buyers that will shop from them.

TL; DR ( Too Long; Didn’t Read )

Ratings are not reliable.

Please check for photos and comments as well.

Practice your right and do a legal action about it.

Fear or fraud, what will you choose?

Thank you for taking the time to read my post and I do hope that you learn something today. God bless!