Do you have this kind of behavior?

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The reason why I shop a lot is not because I have more money to spend for, but this is something that I can make it happen!

I am not saying nor encouraging every one of you to buy something that will not benefit you in the long run. But rather, I’m trying to tell you something to buy the things that can make you happy; that can at least compensate you to things that are not possible to happen as of the moment.

Moreover, I shop a lot whenever I am at my lowest, ’cause I have this strong belief that by simply rewarding yourself…that will give you comfort; will remind you of how worthy you are; and will help you accept the fact that it is okay to not feel okay.

In short, I find it therapeutic for me ’cause there is something good to look forward to.

And I bet, everyone loves that kind of feeling, too.

You see, when everything is dull, boring or monotonous, at least you get to see new things at home and get to try some other stuff while choosing to stay at home to be safe and covid-free!

Again, I do not buy something all for nothing. But rather I buy in order to gain something and that creates a difference from a naive to a smart shopper.

How about you? What’s your story? Please share it below. Gracias!

Eye Level

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I know, everyone of us have already experienced to be a shopper, don’t we?

So what’s with the “eye level” thing?

If you have noticed, most products that were displayed at the eye level are the cheaper one or the one that’s already near to expire.

Why is that so?


It is their way to market those products and not to inccur a loss.

So if it’s placed at the eye level,

In that way, every shopper would not have a hard time looking for products that are no longer pricey.

However, you also have to take note that since it’s on sale, expect to receive a not as good as new item.

Also, you have to be mindful of the “buy one, take one” items.

‘Cause that’s their strategy to sell out old stocks.

They will never do it without a purpose.

To add more depth on my topic, I’ll give you a scenario and see it for yourself.

Have you also experienced this?

You have a list of specific items, but you find it hard to search for that items and you were in a rush, so you just grab whatever brand that you first see.

And then, when you go back home, you realized that some are already damaged or not as good as new.

This happened to you, too right?

To end this post,

Whether they did that on purpose or not, still we are the ones responsible for shopping ’cause it’s a “self-service” thing.

Nobody forces you to buy it, anyway.

I know my post may sound contradicting, but we couldn’t change the fact that we should not full rely on them.

‘Cause it is all about business, after all.

If you fall for their “sales talk” thing, you lose!

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