Coffee: Sip, Not Drink!

Featured Image: Pexels

Whenever I really have a busy schedule, I always fail to at least enjoy my coffee.

Are you also like me?

That whenever I failed to enjoy my coffee, that’s when I realized that my life is now completely different compare before.

I have realized that the more I age, the more my life gets hectic.

But always know that you are in control of your own self.

Don’t be a slave to your personal and other obligations.

Try to have a break at least once a week.

Just like in giving yourself a cheat day, that won’t make you fat right away.

A day of break won’t hurt you.

Besides, there’s a lot of stuff to do both at home & work.

Bare in mind that…

Obligations are endless.

No matter what we do and no matter where we are.

But before doing so, your main obligation is…


How can you perform a job or a task, if you no longer feeling well.

In a sense that…

You are now feeling toxic about the things that you do.

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